What Is Twex Token?

TWEX is a project that was born out of frustration with private equity investment and all the frustrations and pitfalls that come with them. When you make an investment in a private company, it is usually an emotional affair. You usually have to believe in the company, its management, and the products it offers. After that, you can only wait on the sidelines and hope that the company grows to be the next big thing.

What Problems Does Twex Token Seek To Solve

The digitalization of money and the invention of new technologies on how to send it like the blockchain have forever changed the financial world. This technology has created a new system that is trustless in which peer-to-peer transactions are validated in a distributed manner.

Because of the blockchain technology, various peer-to-peer financial platforms have come up in the last few years. These include those that offer personal loans, invoice discounting, and even global financial transactions. The volume of these activities is only expected to continue growing.

Since the start of 2016, Fintech companies have utilized the blockchain technology in a huge manner. Most of these companies have enjoyed some success because their business models offer real opportunities to the average man. They have also been able to cut the red tape on accessing finance that most huge banks have in place.

In most cases, big business would rather invest money in capital markets rather than lend their money to small businesses. However, when funds are loaned via fintechs, the lenders are usually stuck with the investment. This is usually because there is no market for refinancing until the company goes public, pays back the loan, or is acquired by others.

Solutions Offered By TWEX Investment Cryto Exchange

TWEX plans to address the major issues that current digital currency investment vehicles face. This includes things such as lack of diversity, noncompliance with regulation and lack of standardization. The goal of the TWEX project is to create a dependable industry standard and a one-stop solution for those that want to set up a digital coin exchange. To achieve this, the project will invest in these key areas:


The proceed raised will be shared in a transparent and auditable manner. That means the invested funds will be made open to investors with reports full of fine print being often presented. This transparency will ensure that there is better accountability by investment managers.


The creators of this project believe that the TWEX platform will be an important solution in helping to proliferate the blockchain-based economy further. This platform will allow investors to liquidate all or part of their investments.


The legal structure of the fund will often be reviewed by the legal advisors to ensure that it is compliant will all laws and regulations. TWEX has vetted its proposed structure with various financial institutions, and it has received thumbs up.

Fees and Usability

Setting up this platform is not going to be cheap. Some of the crypto exchanges out there do not have proper structure. This usually leads to the risk of regulatory shutdown. TWEX believes that the time is now right to introduce a new standard that attracts investment with minimal regulatory risk.

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