Twitter made a big move this week with its acquisition of a San Francisco-based technology company that specializes in safety, spam, and security issues. The platform, called Smyte, may be able to fix Twitter’s current issues that may impact its reliability and effectiveness for users.

Twitter’s purchase of Smyte seems to be a move on behalf of the social media giant to maintain a continuing commitment to a healthy conversation. In Twitter’s Safety’s own statement,

“Smyte’s products will help us address challenges in safety, spam, and security more quickly and effectively. Their review tools and processes will be powerful additions to our own tools and technology that help us keep Twitter safe. We’ll integrate this technology to strengthen our systems and operations in the coming months.”

Those who are enthusiastic about blockchain and cryptocurrency and who are also active on Twitter will find that the acquisition of Smyte may lead to positive changes. The social media platform may be more well-equipped to combat against challenges such as fraud, which truly detracts from the user experience. Further, the change may lead to higher user satisfaction and potentially meaningful changes for the online world.

Further, the platforms use of Smyte may be able to help handle the increase in fake promotional giveaways and the ensuing identify theft issues that the platform has been experiences. Many users tend to create imposter accounts in an effort to scam users. Hopefully those who are active on Twitter will start to notice the positive changes that they are looking for and Twitter will be able to deliver its users the positive and risk-free experience that they deserve when using a social media platform.

At this point though, the old adage applies that “only time will tell.” For now, it is best to keep an eye out for changes on the social media platform that lead users to a better experience.

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