TX Highway Cash

What Is TX Highway Cash?

TX highway is a new site that works as a parody transaction visualizer between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcore Core. If you visited TX Highway but you do not know very much about Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core, you will probably not understand very much, though.

Because of this, you have to understand them well first.

How TX Highway BCH & BTC Parody Transaction Visualizer Works

Bitcoin Cash is the most well-known of the two cryptos. It was a Bitcoin fork that happened last year when users did not reach a consensus about changing the algorithm. Bitcoin Core, on the other hand, is a reference client of Bitcoin that was released in 2018.

The main idea of the site is to use a highway to represent the transactions that are being made with the two coins. The service keeps track of the transactions in the individual domains and represents them as cars on the platform.

How Does TX Highway Work?

This site was created as a way for people who are not crypto experts be able to see in real time the transactions that are happening at every moment. It allows users to visualize both chains and to compare them at their will.

The highway has different types of vehicles that represent the size of the transactions that are happening on the platform. The road represent the MB of the transaction blocks, as the eight lanes of Bitcoin Cash represents 8 MB and 1 MB for the Bitcoin Core.

How To Use TX Highway?

Just go to the site and browse. You do not need to register or to pay anything for the access, as this is a very small site that only has a promotional nature. In any case, if you liked the project and you want to help it, you can always do it by donating to the creators of the platform.

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