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In the world today, many people keep jumping on the bandwagon of never-ending cryptocurrency business investments. It is clear that cryptocurrency is the new cool, it is revolutionary, and tons of ICOs spring up every day. New blockchains are launched every day, and cloud mining is the new goldmine.

However, there are tons of fool’s gold; many frauds see avenues to capitalize on newbies and greedy people’s naivety to defraud them of their coins. Unfortunately for the victims, it works all the time, the same shady structure that was used in all the scam schemes in the history of cryptocurrency is still being used.

That is why we are doing this review to remind people of crypto investments checks that must be done before investing.

What Is TX Mine?

As the name suggests, the crypto company has been advertised everywhere as a genuine cloud mining website for mining reputable cryptocurrencies. Since, we are not new to the sector, we decided to do a quick check, we went to the website, and what we saw is “grand”.

The TX Mine Website

Frankly, the website looks like it was done by someone who was just fooling around with codes, the user-interface is terrible. There are grammatical errors in all the contents, in fact, one of the answers in the FAQ was written in Portuguese (this was not professionally done). Merely navigating the website, the poor design indicates that there are noticeable bugs in the source code.

Who Is Behind TX Mine?

Except for anonymous websites (on the dark web), the founder’s information must be publicly available. On TX Mine website, there was none when we looked, no contact, no emails, no one to report to. They only left a domain name as the organization representing the people behind the scheme: “who.is.” We tried to verify this, and it was to no avail. However, we found that the website was registered by a third party known as Enom Inc. Lastly, the information on the website didn’t correlate with that on the third party domain. TX Mine claimed they had been in cryptocurrency business for more than four years; the third party website shows that the domain was registered in July 2017. Many things don’t add up, right?

Whether it is crypto investments or agro-investment, or whatever, you would not do right by yourself if you don’t get information about the owner/founder before dabbing all in. That is making a terrible investment decision. Just by this error/shadiness, no one should take this cloud mine seriously.

TX Mine Cloud Mining Platform ROI

More often than not, if you want to differentiate fraudulent schemes from genuine ones, it is the guaranteed ROI. TX Mine claims that investors are guaranteed a 40% ROI monthly, and that is all shades of scam. As if that was not enough, the website also states that investors who subscribe to their affiliate feature can get affiliate bonus of 10%. The word “guaranteed” was repeated throughout the website, which means even they didn’t believe themselves when they were writing the website contents.

TX Mine Conclusion

Our Verdict: this review is explicit enough to show that TX Mine is either a poorly created service, or it is a scam. In any case, we advise against investing in it, if anything should happen to your investment, they can’t be traced.

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