What Is Tydo?

Tydo is a multifunctional cryptocurrency trading platform with an autotrader feature. The platform was created as a way to fix the issues of many existing exchanges and to maximize the profits of the investors at the same time that the risks are minimized. The idea of the platform is to offer a highly qualified platform for traders who want to automate their trading and create the best strategies.

The company was founded in 2017 and has decided to have an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) soon.

The Tydo Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange Platform Ecosystem

The ecosystem of the platform is formed by three main parts: the Trading Terminal, the Marketplace and the Social Trading Platform. Each one of these products is a part of what the company for its clients.

The main feature of the ecosystem is the Trading Terminal. You can use it for its automation or to see the indicators of the market at a certain moment. The site contains charts and data that will help you to trade more informed. The marketplace is where the trades actually happen and where you go to set buy and sell orders.

Finally, in the Social Trading Platform, you will be able to talk to other traders and share your experience with them. The traders will even be able to share custom trading signals with other traders and to discuss strategies and their portfolio.

Tydo Features

The platform offers a customizable trading interface that will work for beginners and experts, the option to trade more than 50 cryptocurrencies by using more than 100 technical indicators (including charts) and Pine Script, which enables you to develop your own trading strategies.

The company also offers automation solutions that will make trading easier for you. You will be able to create conditional trading orders that can be automated, make buy and sell orders via Telegram and automate strategies that were developed by other people.

Add to all this the fact that you can access the platform via mobile or desktop and you will be able to use Tydo anywhere.

Tydo TYD Token ICO Details

The company has decided to sell TYD tokens to fund the development of the platform. TYD tokens are ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. They will be used as currency on the platform and do not act in any way like shares of the company.

The pre-sale will start on May 2018 and the main sale still does not have a set date. A total of 200,000,000 TYD tokens will be issued and 140,000,000 TYD tokens will be offered on the ICO. 1 ETH will buy 12,000 TYD tokens but you may receive discounts if you buy the tokens soon.

The soft cap of the pre-ICO is 500 ETH and the hard cap is 1,000 ETH while in the main sale they will be 1,000 ETH and 10,000 ETH, respectively. All unsold TYD tokens will be burned.

Who Is Behind Tydo?

The two co-founders of Tydo are Anton Sokolovskyy (CEO) and Andrew Burmitskii (CTO). Other key members are Anastasiya Romanovska (head of marketing) and Kateryna Sokol (product manager).

Andrey Kornienko is the head of media; Vasili Harchenko is the senior designer; Max Miheev is the community manager; Alex Bogachuk is the finance manager; Ihor Tybak is the cryptocurrency trading consultant, Ivan Shevchenko is the sales manager, Sergey Nikitin is the blockchain architect; and Alina Hrustaleva is an analyst.

The advisors of Tydo are Richard Shibi, Jason Olsen, Zachary Reece and Arnold Pham. The company’s partners are Digital Hanger, TradingView, KickIco and Crowdholding.

Tydo Conclusion

While we do not advise you to automate your whole trading strategy as there is always a risk involved in automating too much, Tydo sounds like a good platform. It offers a good level of customization that might help you to achieve better results when trading in the cryptocurrency market.

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