Handling disruptive change is one of the numerous challenges being faced by modern organizations. Technological innovation, cost pressures, value shift among the end users, and speed of change are among the issues forcing enterprises to go back to the drawing board and rethink the way they want to go about their operations.

Managing digital transformation is a challenge that many organizations now have to overcome if they hope to stay relevant, and survive in this new digital age. As such, there is a need to view blockchain technology as an enabler, which will help change the playing field. Existing enterprises can use this technology to cause disruption, instead of waiting to be disrupted by new market entrants.

Why Tymlez

The market needs to take a three hundred and sixty-degree look at what is required in order to productize a secure and highly-scalable blockchain solution. For this, enterprises need to think about:

  • PKI
  • User management
  • Applications lifecycle management
  • Support
  • Authorizations

Tymlez seeks to provide enterprises with a highly-scalable enterprise blockchain architecture that will make it possible for them to develop, deploy, and scale up development of blockchain applications. These are applications that can later be integrated into their data and legacy systems.

Using Tymlez To Innovate Your Business

The enterprise blockchain architecture from Tymlez has been optimized to assist in establishing trust between parties. This makes it possible for parties to operate or develop blockchain related solutions and applications such as traditional applications or distributed applications.

Its state of the art architecture comes with built-in connectivity to the enterprise legacy systems. It is a feature that makes it possible for you to easily leverage all your investments. In addition, the solution can either be contained within the existing enterprise stack, or be used as a side attachment.

When used as a sidecar or attachment, you can deploy it inside or outside the exciting IT landscape boundary parameters. Deployment can be done as a PAAS (Platform as a Service) or as a premise. It all depends on what the enterprise is looking to achieve with the deployment.

Tymlez Architecture

The Tymlez architecture provides all the operational components required by an enterprise to fully operate blockchain applications in a more secure and efficient manner. It assists in providing a secure environment with tracking, logging, multi-factor authentication, and role-based access.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) and plug-ins make it possible for the applications to communicate natively to the legacy systems, such as SalesForce, SAP Hana, and SAP R3. The architecture also brings unique modelling tools that enable solution developers and architects to develop innovative solutions that have been aligned to be agile.


All enterprise applications are developed using a collection of programming languages and models that best describe their content. The applications are also executed using a set of running-times and corresponding containers. They are expected to continue changing through the course of their lifetime, as they adapt to the changing needs of the enterprise.

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