Typerium ICO (TYPE Token) Review:

Piracy has become a huge problem for various creators, making the development of any good idea almost impossible. But with Typerium in place, all this might change as the company is planning to remove this obstacle forever. They are developing a decentralized content creating platform, marketplace, social media network that is solely geared towards the 2.4 billion content consumers found worldwide.

What Exactly Is Typerium

The company is a type and image that creates a global language that is able to connect us, and from this, we are able to experience each other regardless of the culture, background or even the language that we speak on a daily. The next thing you might be wondering is why exactly the Typerium platform is needed?

Well, this platform is needed to ensure the protection of intellectual property for the various content creators. The company has also been put in place so that it can facilitate a more cost-effective and a global creative currency. But this is not all as the company hopes in creating a decentralized marketplace for selling and buying the digital content.

The platform is able to offer each different user features, some of which you should look out for are as follows.

typerium home page

There is trust and transparency on the platform, which is a very hard concept to come by with online commerce. The creative content creators are not able to reach their audiences that quickly and also the big marketplaces that are present do not make the needed information available to the buyers and makers. Thus, Typerium can bring the necessary transparency and is able to make it more rewarding and efficient for the various makers.

The standard payment processing is more complicated, slow and expensive for the user to utilize. But with the Typerium platform it has been able to leverage on the blockchain technology; thus it is able to make the time taken to make payments much faster than the traditional norms we have been accustomed to, like credit cards or the PayPal options.

Not forgetting the big marketplaces tend to add some additional costs, but with this platform be sure that these overheads are removed in each transaction carried out.

The creative content creators in the market are unable to capitalize on the growing economy around the blockchain technology. But with the Typerium platform, it is able to provide a pathway that the content creators can utilize to capitalize off the blockchain economy.

Typerium ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: TYPE
  • Token Sale Starts: May 21, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: July 26, 2018
  • Token Initial Price: 1000 TYPE = 0.0195 ETH
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Soft Cap: $2,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $40,000,000

Our Take On The Typerium Platform

Content creators have been suffering for an extended period because of piracy, so with this platform offering a solution to this problem creates a lot of hope in us. Content creators have not been given an avenue where they can exploit the growing economy that has been surrounding the blockchain economy. So if you are a content creator, this is a platform you should consider to look into as it is offering desirable benefits.

And this is not all as you are able to be a part of the token pre-sale which begins in the next 24 days, the token is referred to as the TYPE Token. It is wise to take this time in analyzing the platform and organize your finances to ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.


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