TzLibre’s Potential Launch of Tezos Fork Works Against DLS-Tezos

TzLibre is currently in the works of launching a potential Tezos Fork, set on June 4th, 2018. This respective step made by the TzLibre team is considered a competing fork to the DLS-Tezos, which was created by and for Tezos’ contributors. According to a Swissinfo report, the decision was made out of necessity, as many believe that DLS’s management of the entire project is poor.

TzLibre is none other than a group of Tezos contributors who were present at the time of its token sale. Because of the project background and innovation, as well as DLS’s inefficient direction, TzLibre was formed. By forking Tezos, contributors will have more benefits to take advantage of, while DLS, not so much.

Several aspects, according to TzLibre, have been “corrected” based on the Tezos’ current stance. First, the project in place will protect contributors, as opposed to supporting the Tezos Foundation solely. Second, TzLibre claims to have eliminated the notion of giving away free tokens to founders, but instead believes it to be ideal to reassign them to network validators.

Next, TzLibre will be working towards preventing potential red flags like price hikes, control over transactions and accounts and other events that might promote centralization. Ultimately, ensuring that each user is given their rights in a transparent manner.

Since TzLibre’s tweet, many users assumed that Tezos Foundation’s President, Johann Gevers is in on the project. However, that is not the case and they have retweeted a tweet made by, which goes as follows:

“Could the unthinkable really happen – a hard fork of the unforkable #Tezos blockchain project? A splinter group aims to make this happen next month.”

To make matters more interesting, the DLS-Tezos Founder, Mr Meunier-Breitman, supposedly has been denying the claims of their “centralized” approach in dealing with Tezos. According to TzLibre’s tweet, “He’s even saying there won’t be any “official release”. Incredible! #tezos.”

Although, TzLibre is preparing for its most anticipated Tezos fork launch, will DLS-Tezos stop it from happening?

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  1. it is really interesting project. forking an unforkable chain:) that is awesome. also in pyhsics there is a rule. every action will have a reaction. until now, we the investor of tezos, have not receive from DLS what we deserve. also the delay makes people think about more and deeply, some of them filed class lawsuits and some of them lost hopes. but my verdict is something different and close the tzlibre point of view. i can say that Tezos is deeply centralized coin. too much coin is owned by couple of entity. i am against centralization. tezos is a lemon but we need lemonade. Tzlibre is the lemonade that we want. this is why i am with tzlibre.


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