There are many problems in the modern logistics market such as lack of automation, lack of united application database, loss or damage of freight non-execution of financial obligations and lack of an easy-to-use mobile application.

The U-Truck service solves the above-mentioned problems with the use of blockchain and other modern technologies.

About U-Truck UTT

U-Truck is a worldwide logistics platform that amalgamates consignors and freight carriers in one application. This project is designed to create a new ecosystem in the market of road freight services. The U-Truck system allows customers to connect cargo transportation services with executors of flights, by passing dispatching companies and other intermediaries.

This sort of automation based on blockchain reduces the financial costs, and helps to form the cost of services at the level unattainable for competitors. U-Truck platform guarantees the cargo carrier full performance of financial duties and return of funds in the case of incomplete or poor-quality services.

Some of the advantages of the U-Truck logistics platform:

  • Large base of cargo carriers.
  • Fully automated processing of all the data.
  • Reduced downtime and idle runs.
  • Real time monitoring of cargo movements.
  • Price auction
  • Commision rate is minimum
  • Secure financial transaction

Features of U-Truck UTT

Technologies of Blockchain and Geolocation:

The blockchain system allows to record the status of settlements with the contractor, maintain a database of relationships and ensure full transparency of the company’s operating activities.

Smart Contracts:

Smart contact implementation allows a user to track the performance of the transportation from the stage of arrival to the loading to the discharge at the final point, and the exchange of documents complying to the law of the land.

United data array:

The marketing strategy of -Truck will be aimed at attracting all carriers and customers who regularly carry out freight transportation. Any cargo carrier or consignor in the world that meets the requirements of the system, and has passed verification can become a user.

Guaranteed execution of financial obligations:

The structuring of a settlement system through a decentralized blockchain technology will provide the contractor with an ideal revenue accounting scheme and guarantee of payments with a safe payment and guarantee of full fulfillment of obligations on the part of the performer.

Security of movable property:

U-Truck service promotes the principle of safety guarantee of cargo during transportation. Initially cargo carrier will be responsible for the safety of the cargo. Eventually there will be a complementary service f mandatory cargo insurance. The tariffs will be significantly lower than the marked ones.

Rating system:

The main indicators of reliability are the activity terms, accuracy of the provided data, absence of negative and presence of positive feedback in the system. The rating data is automatically registered in each published application.

U-Truck UTT ICO Token Sale

By issuing and selling tokens, U-Truck ants to further develop their product. The funds raised will be used to improve the platform and carry out marketing activities. The UTTToken will be released on Ethereum with a standard ERC 20 platform. 15% of the token raised will go to the team, 5% will be reserve for Bounty, 5% goes to the founders and the rest stays with the investors.

There will be three phases of their ICO:

  • Pre sale: From 01/25/2018 to 02/14/2018. Here 1 ETH= 13,500 UTTToken
  • ICO phase 1: From 02/15/2018 to 02/28/2018. Here 1 ETH will fetch you 9000 tokens.
  • ICO phase 2: The final stage of ICO lasts from 03/01/2018 to 03/15/2018. 6000 UTTTokens can be bought with 1 ETH.

Conclusion For U-Truck UTT ICO

U-Truck UTT offers a fundamentally new solution for the organization of cargo transportation on the basis of advanced intelligent solutions. They are on their way on becoming an international logistics platform by 2020.

You can read more about U-Truck and participate in their ICO on their website http://uttruck.io/.

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