U-Vid’ify has been designed as a global market application for the pc and mobile devices. It is developed with the virtual classified advertising, e-commerce and marketing, and influencer markets in mind. This global application will offer members low listing fees and rewards by giving rewards that are based on reviews. It will create more financial gain for consumers and the businesses marketing services. Besides that, it will create a fun marketplace. This will be a win-win solution for marketing enterprises globally.

U-Vid’ify: The World’s First Video-Based Classified Market

Right now, consumers spend over $450 billion USD on e-commerce, classified, influencers, professional, and career services. The existing centralized platforms are in dire need of some technical upgrades. Most of them are stuck with 2D content. Besides that, they pose a serious security risk, fraud, and misrepresentation from centralized systems.

Other flaws include lack of authentication of services and products. Besides that, there is no KYC, product origin, or mobile authentication. There is also lack of a guarantee for breach of trust. Besides that, there is no incentive system for users to maximize profits for application credibility.

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The Solution

U-Vid’ify is changing the game. It has been designed with the dire needs of consumer protection and incentives in mind. Members of this platform will be able to conduct services in a secure, safe, and fast manner with rewards for the virtual community globally. The platform is fitted with the top HD/4K native video ad tools, incentives, and awesome security measures. Combined with proof of product and smart contracts, U-Vid’ify will become a leader in online marketing solutions globally.

Token Details

  • Token Symbol: UVD
  • Token Sale Starts: Mary 07, 2018
  • Total Supply: 22 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC20

Why Pick UVd

This platform is going to offer total security to the members from all possible threats via turnkey blockchain technology, smart contracts, and proof of providers. This platform is going to offer 99% of goods sold online in organized category and subcategory directories. Users will have the ability to acquire the tokens via a currency exchange on the application. All the tokens can be used on any wallet that supports the ERC20 token standard. There will be no limits placed on the use or transfer of UV tokens.

U-Vid’ify Conclusion

The platform offers a superior solution compared to existing solutions that support online advertising support. Some of the things that set it apart include low fees due to the blockchain, tough security measures guaranteed by the blockchain, and incentives tokens for the sellers and buyers based on reviews. This platform offers an unlimited scope for financial independence. The platform expects that it will easily exceed global demand for many years in the future.

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