Within the UK, conventional banks and their presence on the high streets of cities and rural towns are fast diminishing. The number is falling at a faster than expected rate, leaving many without any direct way to speak to the company they hold an account with.

At the same time, cryptocurrency is fast moving from the shadows of the internet as a method of transaction by those fluent in the language of programming. To become a force growing in strength as more retail stores and businesses begin to accept it.

Ubanx is seeking to take the place of conventional banks and then some, as it plans to become the first blockchain retail place.

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Ubanx seeks to introduce a new generation of consumers and savers to the world of cryptocurrencies. Offering a friendly, supportive and frictionless experience, with access to ATM's for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies from Fiats and other accepted coins.

Its believed that as cryptocurrencies become increasingly mainstream among users, that the need for Ubanx will only increase to match demands of a significantly larger population.

Every branch would consist of:

  • Ubanx Spaces – As a common area for customers, users will have unrestricted access to Ubanx professional cryptoexperts. Users are able to buy and sell crypto-assets in this area.
  • Ubanx Crypto-School – Brand new to cryptocurrencies? Or want to discover new ways to use them? Ubanx branches offer instructionals, courses and workshops for users. Including support for getting involved with cryptocurrency investment and trading.
  • Dedicated Ubanx Blockchain Account – Ubanx accounts offer an utterly user-centered experience, with secure and fast on boarding for customers. Including ongoing support as people take their first steps into using cryptocurrencies.
  • Ubanx bank of community – Users are able to join work groups and have a say in the development of Ubanx. Users can become part of a growing, international community bound together with trust, understanding and respect.

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Ubanx knows that there's more to an account than just bank-cards and branches down the street. And have their eyes set squarely on an in-app bank account for its users to make purchases both on the street and on the digital market.

Not only are transactions possible, but with access to work groups, users are able to lend money and cast votes for the future developments of the company. From new locations to new cryptocurrencies that can be added to Ubanx list of accepted cryptos.

2018 is going to be an exciting time for Ubanx, as it waits on the beginning of its token Pre-sale mid/late 2018. Including securing of its first location for active users.

As big banks retreat from the high street, Ubanx is seizing on the opportunity and bringing cryptocurrencies to the world's stage.

Unbax ICO Token Details

Token Symbol: BANX
Token Sale Starts: June 07th
Token Sale Ends: August 24th
Token Price: €0.12
Total Supply:  1,000,000,000 BANX
Token Standard: ETH
Hard Cap: 600,000,000 BANX

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