UberPro is one more platform with the objective of decentralizing the freelancing industry. As the market changes in this new century (which is not even so new anymore), more and more people started to freelance. This company has decided to create this platform to use the opportunity to revolutionize this market by using the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

How Does UberPro Work?

UberPro will create a platform to connect freelancers and create a marketplace based on the Ethereum blockchain. All the transactions between the freelancers and their clients will be made via smart contracts, which makes both sides more secure and less prone to be scammed in any way.

The company will construct the platform in a way that it will be easier for the users to find new matches. This way, it will be considerably easier for them to find exactly who they are looking for when they need freelancers.

Who Is UberPro For?

UberPro was created to be used by four different types of people: freelancers, clients, partners and “the committee”. The freelancers and clients are, obviously, the core of the platform. Without people who want to work and people who want work, UberPro would not be possible.

The company states that it helps the best freelancers to work with top partners and charge them the lowest fees, while clients will have several tools to choose the best person for the job.

Partners will be the people who will provide apps for the users and will be rewarded for this. The API of UberPro will be public and third party developers will be free to develop dapps.

Finally, the committee will be partners, clients and freelancers which will represent their publics to empower all the voices on the platform. They will control the platform via a decentralized protocol which will let them vote using nodes to take decisions.

UberPro UBER Cryptocurrency Token ICO Details

You can buy UBER tokens in the ICO. 85% of the total UBER tokens will be sold in this phase. They will be sent via smart contract as soon as the purchase is completed. Remaining tokens will stay with the company, not be burned, as it is normally the case.

During the sale, you will be able to buy 1000 UBER tokens with 1 ETH. If you buy during the pre-sale, it will be 1400 UBER tokens per ETH. The first three weeks of the main ICO will have bonuses (20%, 10% and 5%).

If you work with marketing, blogs or social media, you can also get UBER tokens by completing bounties for the company.

The funds will be used mainly in development (50%), marketing (20%), operations (15%), legal (10%) and reserves (5%).

UberPro Verdict

UberPro looks like an average blockchain platform with a name that can make it be sued by Uber. It clearly does not look like a great investment, but it might be a surprise. The main problem of UberPro is that it really lacks any distinguishing features to make it dethrone companies like Upwork.


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