With headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, USA, Ubliex is a start-up designed to offer investment services to various sectors. It focuses on ICO as its core investment activity. Ubliex has been looking for profit opportunities in the crypto market for nearly one and a half years. Through extensive research and testing, it has been able to capture great opportunities in both developing and stable projects, thereby making a profit through them.

Core Activity

Ubliex focuses on Initial Currency Offer (ICO) as its main investment activity. Even so, the company only invests in ICOs with great potential for profitability. They try to find the best ICOs in the market using their team of highly qualified specialists. Following that, they have been able to achieve tremendous success in their operations over the past year.

Recently, Ubliex came up with the plan to expand their business to the public and provide great investment opportunities to ordinary people who may not have the skill or experience to run this kind of business. With their daily constant profits from asset monetization, direct sales, and exchanges, they have been able to expand the investment capacity by opening the company to receive investments from any potential investor interested in making a profit through their assets.

Ubliex Mission and Goals

The Ubliex goal is to have a transparent online investment system for many years. With specialists in several areas of the Financial Market, Ubliex is able to highlight various aspects and issues surrounding the area cryptocurrency and ICOs.

Even though Ubliex is at the start-up stage, it believes that their investment offerings are sustainable because they are specialists in the fastest growing market in the world. The company has big projects for the future. For Ubliex, each client is unique regardless of the size of his or her investment. Each client receives total support from the team to help where necessary.

Ubliex Explains ICO

Ubliex explains that an ICO is an unregulated means by which a company can raise funds for new cryptocurrency ventures. Startups such as Ubliex use ICOs to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital raising process imposed by governments or banks. In an ICO campaign, a company sells a percentage of the cryptocurrency to early supporters of the project in exchange for legal tender or other digital assets, usually for Bitcoin.

Ubliex Investment Plans

The 30-day investment plan

  • 30 days at 0.21% hourly for 30 days, which amounts to 151.2%
  • Investment range: $10-$5000
  • Principal: included
  • Hourly profit distribution
  • Instant withdrawal

The 45-day investment plan

  • 45 days at 0.25% hourly for 40 days
  • Investment range: $200-$7500
  • Instant withdrawal

The 60-day investment plan

  • Yield 0.45% hourly for 60 days
  • Investment range: $2500-$100,000
  • Hourly profit distribution
  • Instant withdrawal

The 11-day investment plan

  • Yields 11% daily for 11 days
  • Daily profit distribution
  • Investment range: $500-$15000
  • Instant withdrawal

The 12-day investment plan

  • Yields 12% daily for 12 business days
  • Investment range: $500-25000
  • Profit: business days
  • Instant withdrawal

The 14-day investment plan

  • Yields 14% daily for 14 days
  • Investment range: $5000-$100,000
  • Profit distribution: everyday
  • Instant withdrawal

In addition to the mentioned plans, Ubliex runs a referral program at three levels. It pays 10% for the first level, 4% for second-level referral, and 2% for the third level referral.



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