What Is uBUCK Pay?

uBUCK is an ultimate cryptocurrency wallet that enables users make online purchases at supported merchant stores, bars and restaurants or make cash withdrawals at ATMs. Additionally, uBUCK also features free money transfers and black elite MasterCard that allow users to store their cash and make payments without having the regular credit card.

How uBUCK Pay Cryptocurrency Payment And Fiat Wallet Works

To carry out transactions with uBUCK, users will have to purchase the prepaid uBUCK voucher from the uBUCK mobile application using Bitcoin, Ethereum and credit or debit cards. The voucher enables users to purchase uBUCK cash to top up their accounts and make secure payments. Users can spend their uBUCK cash by linking their uBUCK wallet to their uBUCK Debit MasterCard.

Besides, users can redeem the vouchers in order to make payments to their friends or family all around the world in minutes. To send money to other users, the user will have to enter the uBUCK wallet username or email address of the person they would like to transfer the uBUCK cash to.

If the selected users do not have an account or wallet, they will receive an invitation link via email for them to download the mobile app. The user will then have to confirm and authorize the payment either using face recognition, fingerprint, pin or password. The transaction is processed immediately and the user will receive the payment in minutes.

The black elite MasterCard can be loaded with uBUCK cash from the uBUCK multi-currency wallet. Users can shop with the MasterCard online or offline using the virtual or plastic card and use the digital wallet to pay for products at any of the supported physical merchant locations. Currently, users can withdraw their cash in over 210 countries on the 3 million ATMs worldwide.

Advantages Of uBUCK Pay


uBUCK implements Multi-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption to ensure that only the account owner has access to their funds and that their personal information and data cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties.

The MasterCard also features a SecureCode, which protects the user’s online transactions even if the card is cloned or stolen. In some devices, facial recognition and fingerprint verification is enabled.

Convert Cryptocurrencies To Cash

uBUCK cash can be purchased using cryptocurrencies. Users can then use the MasterCard, convert the uBUCK cash into dollars, and withdraw the cash from any ATM around the world. The MasterCard can also be used to shop in global stores, pay for meals in restaurants and pay for bills.

No Fees Or Commission

Compared to other platform that charge expensive transfer or wire fees, on uBUCK, users will not be charged any fees or commission to transfer uBUCK cash to other users.

All-In-One Crypto And Fiat Wallet

uBUCK has four secure wallets: the uBUCK Cash Wallet, a Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet, and the USD Debit card. The uBUCK multi-wallet application can be used to manage a user’s digital and traditional currency. The wallet also enables users to store, convert, and spend their fiat and cryptocurrencies using the uBUCK app.

Compliance To KYC And AML Requirements

uBUCK is compliant to KYC and AML requirements in order to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing activities.

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