United Energy Coin, or UEC, is the worlds first blockchain-based exchange where you can exchange photovoltaic assets and cryptocurrencies. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is United Energy Coin?

United Energy Coin is a virtualized blockchain credit system of cross-chain of photovoltaic assets. The platform describes itself as a “construction and management service application supplier of global photovoltaic smart contract.”

What exactly does that mean? Basically, UEC is a green energy trading platform where you can trade solar energy technology for cryptocurrencies across a blockchain-based marketplace.

Today, there are more electric vehicles driving on roads than ever before. There are a growing number of electric vehicles on the road every year. United Energy Coin aims to create the preferred marketplace for transactions related to electric vehicle products and services, renewable energy transactions, and other aspects of the clean energy industry.

How United Energy Coin BlockChain Photovoltaic Assets Work

United Energy Coin will use blockchain technology and smart contracts to trade products and services related to photovoltaic systems (i.e. solar energy cells), electric vehicles, carbon credits, and other assets in the renewable energy space.

The core of the ecosystem is the “United Energy Coin Energy Book Ecological Platform”, which will allow users to trade digital energy certificates. Here’s how the UEC website describes the platform:

“UEC is a decentralization network protocol based on blockchain technology, which digitizes the assets and equity of the physical energy, registers and transfers transaction and delivers liquidation through the point-to-point network.”

The network will include a virtual power station, digital assets, a carbon ledger, smart contracts, and measurement data.

The platform will come with applications like:

P2P Trading

United Energy Coin will offer peer-to-peer trading, allowing users to trade electricity with one another and receive payments in real-time from an automated and trustless reconciliation and settlement system. traders can also choose their preferred clean energy source, trade with neighbors, and sell their excess power – all while enjoying the benefits of blockchain-based transparency.

Microgrid / Embedded Network Operator / Strata

United Energy Coin will have microgrid and embedded network operator apps to enable electricity metering, big data acquisition, rapid micro-transactions, and grid management at a granular scale. Trading in embedded networks will break the nexus between generation ownership and energy consumption, which means value can be derived from an investment in energy even if the investor is absent or doesn’t consume all the energy they generate.

Autonomous Asset Management

United Energy Coin will have an autonomous asset management platform that enables shared ownership of renewable energy assets as well as trading of renewable asset ownership.

Carbon Trading

United Energy Coin will implement carbon trading to allow digital transactions across organizations. Organizations can buy and sell carbon through the platform. United Energy Coin will support the reporting and surrendering of carbon credits or certificates to regulatory authorities.

Distributed Market Management

United Energy Coin will provide optimized data metering, big data collection, rapid transaction settlements, network load balancing, and other aspects of distributed market management.

Some of the future goals for the United Energy Coin platform include looking for ways to integrate individuals from high-density housing into a distributed shared energy economy, re-creating power networks to power the connection of distributed energy resources, and reducing the risk of high-value cyber assets.

The United Energy Coin ecosystem revolves around a digital token called UEGas, which serves as the fuel of the UE ecosystem. Key features and functions of the coin include as a loyalty program, as a utility token for the platform, and to provide governance and consumer protection through United Energy Coin smart contracts.

United Energy Coin UEC Token ICO Details

United Energy Coin does not appear to be planning a token sale. The company is distributing tokens to its founding team (15%) ecological development (15%), strategy and marketing (12%), community feedback (8%), technology community construction (12%), and institutions and partners (38%).

Who’s Behind United Energy Coin?

United Energy Coin is led by Hevin Young, Nick G, Eric Lin, Allen Su, and Starry Chen.

The team was first organized in October 2015 when they established a photovoltaic research center. Starting in 2017, the team began exploring blockchain technology – including how they may be able to use blockchain technology to disrupt the renewable energy marketplace.

United Energy Coin (UEC) Conclusion

The United Energy Coin (UE) platform is an ecosystem that aims to achieve interoperability in the renewable energy marketplace. The platform seeks to provide seamless trading of renewable energy assets – including everything from electricity to electric vehicles to carbon credits.

To learn more about UEC and how it works, visit online today at UEC.red.

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