Digital currency platforms and ICO proceedings have always been serious affairs, and often a little uptight. A lot of ICOs see extra hype and popularity for a few days, after which the premise of the ICO does not help it advance any further.

With a lot of these going around, there was definitely the need for that one spoof ICO that would bring some honest facts to the table, give people a chance to smile and see another take on reality, and provide a refreshing break from the serious and somber world of ICO announcements.

What Is UEToken?

Enter the UEToken or  Useless Ethereum token ICO, built with this very purpose. Outlining the major problems that plague many ICO events, the developer present an acrid take on this particular ICO, calling it totally honest.

What follows is a mix of facts, scathing digs at usual proceedings at ICO events, and an exhortation of the UEToken ICO, which is not supposed to have any value at all. This sarcastic, smart website can be a great source of pleasure for digital currency enthusiasts looking to escape the dreary and serious world of ICO events.

The UEToken Premise

The fun premise with Useless Ethereum is that the developer wants the ICO to be entirely honest. This means that the token would have no value and a few takers, which might be a good thing as it would not clog up the Ethereum network.

This fresh new take on an ICO starts off with the right amount of wit and sarcasm, and premise becomes even clearer while delving into the website.

The developer clearly states that the token has no value to begin with, and therefore, its value cannot possibly diminish over time. It might appreciate, but there are no guarantees there either. The whole project is structured to look as a project where a lot of people would give someone funds to do whatever the person wants.

This fun way of spoofing an ICO is definitely appreciable, especially for those grown tired with the seriousness of the digital currency ICO realm. The ICO itself is on the horizon at Useless Ethereum, and there are detailed methods in the website about participation and rewards, coupled with repeated warnings not to purchase the token.

This is just the kind of fresh, innovative take on an ICO that can turn beginners on to the world of digital currencies by showing them the lighter side, and give enthusiasts a well-deserved break from the mundane.

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