Ugandan Knuckles UKN

About Ugandan Knuckles UKN

UKN or Ugandan Knuckles is normally confused with a security but it is an ERC20 token. The token is normally available on the Ethreum Blockchain. The ethereum network on which the Ugandan Knuckles is built guarantees a high performance by the ERC20 token.  Currently, there are up to 208,523,125 UKNs in the market, and the supply is expected to go up in the near future.

What is the Cost of Ugandan Knuckles?

 The reverse alpha theory was used to calculate the cost of Ugandan Knuckles. It took four clicks to create the Ugandan Knuckles where Ugandan consists of seven characters while Knuckles consists of 8 characters. The current cost of UKN is 0.000078 Ether.

How is the Crowdsale Structured?

 The structuring of the crowdsale will be done in three major phases with 1UKN/0.000078 Ether being the starting point. The royal order of Ugandan Knuckles will dictate the upcoming UKN crowdsale prices, and this will happen on VRChat. The UKN crowdsale contract is available on etherscan and can be reviewed by any interested party.

In order to demonstrate a trifecta to the country of origin and in this case the country is Uganda.   The three phases representing the crowdsale are organized in chunks of 8%, 33%, and 37%.  Uganda is located at 1.3733° N, 32.2903° E and is the country with the trifecta. The three phases are meant to prevent any kind of hostile takeover that may happen, and at the same time ensure that the crowdsale is successful.

How Do I Buy Ugandan Knuckles UKN?

In order to purchase the Ugandan Knuckles, one has to check out the Knuckles Crowdsale One contract. You must have an ERC20 wallet and send ether from the wallet to the contract. Moreover, it is important to have an ERC20 compatible wallet for you to purchase Ugandan Knuckles.  You can easily create an ERC20 wallet using MetaMask if you do not have one.

It is important to know that one can only send UKNs to the ERC20 Wallet. Your ERC20 Wallet must have Ether for you to buy Ugandan Knuckles. Individuals that have no Ether in their Wallet can always buy one from Coinbase.  Also, you only receive UKN after you have sent Ether to you ERC20 Compatible Wallet.

It is not right to directly send Ether from Coinbase to the contract as one might end up losing their UKNs. The ERC20 Wallet is not compatible with the Coinbase Wallet and this increases the risk of losing your Ugandan Knuckles.

For every 0.000078 ETHER received, one gets 1UKN. Verification of the source code and the general validation of the Crowdsale Contract Information normally take place on etherscan. E0The IAR Drop has 0078 ETHER received0.000078 ETHER received0.000078 ETHER received

Ugandan Knuckles UKN Roadmap

 The three Crowdsale phases will begin from January 2018 until July 2020. The actual roadmap includes:

  • The Airdrop event of 10,426,156 UKNs that will be completed in January 2018
  • The Phase 1 event involving the Initial Crowdsale of 37% of total UKNs that will be completed in February 2018
  • The Phase 1 Complete event for the Warrior Garden Community Centre that will be completed in March 2018
  • The Phase 2 event involving continued Crowdsale of 33% of the total UKNs that will be completed in April 20018
  • The Phase 2 Complete event involving the Warrior Edition Lambo Auction that will be completed in June 2018
  • The Phase 3 Complete event involving the VRChat Charity Pick that will be completed in August 2018
  • The Crowdsale Ended event involving the listing of UKN on Major Crypto Exchanges that will be completed in August 2018
  • The World Domination event that will take place at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and will be completed in July 2020

Ugandan Knuckles UKN Recruitment

 The royal order of recruitment is a result of many days of VRChat screaming at children. It is possible to get some knuckle airdrop for yourself by recruiting new warriors.

In conclusion, it is possible that the decentralized ledger of Bruddas will one day rule the world. Within four hours, one can actually create an Ethereum based ERC20 by simply clicking. You only need an ERC20 wallet with Ether in order to purchase Ugandan Knuckles. The ERC20 token is built on the ethereum network that enhances its performance.

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