With the crypto domain currently growing at an unfathomable rate, blockchain enthusiasts are looking to find quality alt-coins to invest in. Ukey is one such avenue that promises to allow investors to put their funds into an asset that is backed by an officially registered company.

What Is UKEY?

Ukey serves as an all new “decentralized e-currency platform” that is built entirely within the Ethereum blockchain. It utilizes an advanced transaction protocol that not only make payments more reliable and secure, but also faster and safer. Additionally, Ukey is completely decentralized and makes use of a P2P network that makes note of each and every transaction that occurs within its ecosystem

UKEY Crypto Lending, Staking, Trading Profits Key Features


As with all high quality crypto platforms, users will be able to send and receive money instantly without any hassle. As soon as the transaction is executed, the system processes the order within a matter of minutes.


Ukey makes use of encryption models that allow for the highest level of confidentiality. This basically means that none of the transactions contain any information of the sender’s name, address or any other personal data.


As mentioned earlier, all of the activities that take place within UKey ecosystem are carried out without the use of any government setups, financial institutions or regulatory authorities.

Other UKEY Facts To Consider


One of the underrated facets of Ukey is its use of reliable encryption and up-to-date software protocols that help protect the currency from hacking and fraudulent activities.

Revenue Stream:

Owners of Ukey can receive a small side income by making use of options such as staking, lending, trading of the currency.

Smart Contracts:

Another key feature of this currency is its usability for transactions via the implementation of Ethereum based ‘smart-contracts’. This not only helps protect users from frauds, but also allows for fair distribution of acquired revenue.

UKEY Investment Options

  • Lending Amount: $100 – $1000; Monthly variation return rate ; Capital Returned after 240 days.
  • Lending Amount: $1001 – $5,000; Monthly variation return rate + 0.10% daily interest; Capital Returned after 180 days.
  • Lending Amount: $5,001 – $10,000; Monthly variation return rate + 0.20% daily interest; Capital Returned after 120 days.
  • Lending Amount: $10,001 – $25,000; Monthly variation return rate + 0.25% daily interest; Capital Returned after 90 days.
  • Lending Amount: $25,001 – $250,000 ; Monthly variation return rate + 0.35% daily interest ; Capital Returned after 60 days.

UKEY ICO Details

The pre ICO is currently underway and is scheduled to end on the 20th of February, 2018. The name of the token is UKEY, and there will be a total of 100.000.000 coins that will be created in all.

  • Tokens available during the ICO: 30.000.000 Ukey
  • Tokens available during the pre ICO: 3.000.000 Ukey

As far as the pricing aspect goes,1 coin = $ 0.30 . The ICO will make use 15 sale rounds during whom there will be different bonuses and incentives to avail of.

For any further clarifications or queries, users can connect with company officials via email.

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