Ulterior Jobs

Ulterior Jobs, found online at UlteriorJobs.com, aims to help users retain control of their online data. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Ulterior Jobs?

Ulterior Jobs is a new platform that aims to give users back control of their data. Users can enjoy enhanced data security while searching for jobs online through the Ulterior Jobs network.

The Ulterior Jobs ecosystem is powered by UTR tokens. A whitelist period for those tokens is scheduled to begin in mid-June 2018, with the token sale beginning soon after.

Here’s how the company describes the platform on their official website:

“Our new platform will deliver a system that gives you back control of your data (including the enhanced security) and full management for both the information and your social interactivity you will be involved with when using our new social job website and device application. We aim to provide a decentralised social job recruiting website and platform where you can converse and help each other when searching for new careers, jobs or need help with progressing in your chosen career path along with free utility tokens as one of our many new features.”

In other words, Ulterior Jobs is a decentralized, blockchain-based recruiting platform for job seekers and employers.

What Problems Does Ulterior Jobs Seek To Solve?

Ulterior Jobs aims to solve a number of serious problems in today’s job searching market, including all of the following:

  • When you apply for jobs on conventional job-search websites like Monster, you might be redirected to third party websites or job searching sites and then have to re-enter all your information
  • You update your CV or resume constantly, but it’s a struggle to accurately update your document across all your job sites and online profiles; it might take hours to make a small change to your job profile
  • The online job searching ecosystem is fragmented; there’s no unified ecosystem where prospective employees can find jobs, communicate with employers, and get hired
  • Some online job search portals charge users a fee to get their resume in front of other applicants

Overall, here’s how Ulterior Jobs sums up the problems it seeks to solve:

“How long does it take to update your CV? How long does it take to upload to the many job websites you have? Have you been sent multiple jobs from a job website you are registered with and yet when you apply it takes you to another website you dont know, its [sic] very frustrating and we understand.”

How Ulterior Jobs Social Job Recruiting Blockchain Works

Ulterior Jobs aims to solve problems in today’s online job-searching ecosystem. With Ulterior Jobs, someone can setup their job data online, then securely apply to different jobs over the Ulterior Jobs network.

Overall, Ulterior Jobs sees itself as “a jobs website for the future.”

The key feature behind Ulterior Jobs is the use of blockchain technology to synchronize your data across all devices. You don’t need to update your resume on your phone, your desktop computer, and your tablet. Instead, Ulterior Jobs will provide a single source of your job data, and then synchronize that data across all devices as well as with the Ulterior Jobs website.

This essentially creates a “master copy” of your resume.

Other key features with Ulterior Jobs include the ability to earn tokens by participating in the platform. Ulterior Jobs will also have collaboration features that allow employees across different industries to join forces on different projects.

Finally, Ulterior Jobs will have a free API available to employers or agencies. Employers and agencies can use this free API to save time, stress, and effort while posting jobs online. Essentially, the Ulterior Jobs API allows employers to create and manage their own job board.

Ulterior Jobs UTR Token ICO Details

Ulterior Jobs is holding an ICO in summer 2018. The ICO will occur over a series of different phases. The main sale, for example, will sell 33.34% of the total supply of tokens.

Remaining tokens will be reserved for bounties and bonuses (15.32%), a reserve fund (10.56%), ICO whitelisting (15%), an ICO pre-sale (15%), an ICO flash sale (5%), and the team and founders (5.78%).

Tokens will be sold for 0.04 EUR during the ICO. It’s unclear how the tokens work, which purpose they’ll serve, or why they’re priced at 0.04 EUR. As with all other aspects of Ulterior Jobs, it’s hard to decipher the company’s objectives here.

Who’s Behind Ulterior Jobs?

Ulterior Jobs was created by Adam Kilshaw (Founder), Kevin Gornall (Co-Founder), and Leslie Dundas (Co-Founder).

The three entrepreneurs are based in Manchester, UK. You can view the founder’s LinkedIn profile.

Ulterior Jobs was founded in March 2018.

Ulterior Jobs Conclusion

Ulterior Jobs sees itself as a jobs website built for the future. The platform is built on a secure blockchain, allowing users to add their job-related data to the blockchain and then securely share that data with targeted employers.

Overall, Ulterior Jobs wants to create a decentralized social job recruiting website and platform. Right now, the company’s website is a bit of a mess, and an introductory video announcing the project looks like it was designed by a child. Despite the fact that the ICO begins in just a few weeks, it’s hard to decipher the company’s marketing online. As of May 2018, there’s no whitepaper that we can find.

In any case, you can visit Ulterior Jobs online today at UlteriorJobs.com to decide for yourself if it’s worth an investment in next month’s ICO.

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