Ultimate Secure Cash USC

Ultimate Secure Cash (USC) is a digital cryptocurrency that allows you to carry out secure anonymous transactions through the use of its stealth address technology. It offers secure and almost immediate transactions. It is anticipated to transform the business world and revolutionize the cryptocurrencies world.

USC founders realized many coins are being introduced into the market having no special function. These types of coins add no innovation to the cryptocurrencies world. USC has a unique model where it has its own local community which will support the coins and ensure its liquidity.

Features of Ultimate Secure Cash USC

Ultimate Secure Cash supports both Pow block and Premine features. These features were created specifically for their angel investors. The coins will be distributed to the angel investors who are expected to become their main supporters.

USC has also created coins that are completely risk-free which is another distinguishing feature of the coins. They have achieved this by only hedging their coins with a few selected big local companies that can significantly bring down the risk of the USC coins. Ultimate Secure Cash does not distribute all its coins from the beginning. Instead, they operate a different model. USC aims to avoid an instant dump, so it only distributes its coins to only big companies whom they are working closely with. USC seeks to generate more attention with the aim to grow a broader more robust community.

USC provides a nominal stake interest of 12% in the first year. This attractive rate is to attract and encourage merchants to buy into the market and own a stake. However, from the second year onwards, the interest declines to 6% annually.

USC has a total of 200,084,200 coins.  Total coins Premine and PoW blocks take up 19%. It has a 51737 Port and a 51736 RpcPort.

USC has a minimum stake age of 8 hours. It has no maximum stake age.


Ultimate Secure Cash operates on a PoS (Proof of Stake) Algorithm. This algorithm enables it to achieve a distributed consensus. Compared to the PoW (Proof of Work) Algorithm, PoS Algorithm does not give credit to the miners. Instead, in the PoS Algorithm, the block of the USC cryptocurrency is dependent on the stake or the wealth of the forgers.

Hence, under this algorithm, the currency is minted rather than mined. Miners only benefit from transactions fees rather than from mining. The minimum transaction fees paid to miners is 0.0001USC. This helps to secure the currency from hackers as they would require a high percentage of stake in the network to get its control.


USC has significantly improved on the blocktime feature compared to other cryptocurrencies. It only requires a blocktime of 60 seconds to update and verify the transactions in the ledger. This means faster processing and verification times for transactions, and hence merchants will experience little to no delays. However, this has raised security questions over the little verification time available. Nevertheless, USC has addressed the issue by placing a difficult re-targeting on every block.

USC Coin Wallet

USC allows users to download coin wallets for both Android and iOS users. There are options for Android wallet, Windows Wallet, iOS Wallet and Mac Wallet.


USC coins can be bought from most major alt-coin exchanges, using Bitcoin, currencies and other coins.

Ultimate Secure Cash USC Conclusion

Ultimate Secure Cash promises an innovative technology with the model to grow and be sustainable in the local community market. It’s going to transform the business and cryptocurrencies worlds by its secure and fast cryptocurrency.

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