Ultra Travel Pay

What Is Ultra Travel Pay?

UT-Pay is a blockchain-based company that is resolute on changing the current scenario for the tourism and travel industry. As service providers, the venture is operating a decentralized marketplace that will facilitate individuals' transportation, accommodation, and meals. The use of blockchain could present a technological breakthrough in the advancement of the industry's system, making things more accessible and much more effective.

Ultra Travel Pay Blockchain Tourism Platform Coin Features

In-Built Exchange

An inside exchange integrates into the platform and users don't need to go looking for Forex outlet. One can easily exchange Crypto and Fiat currencies all at the ease of your smartphones.

UT-Pay App

To further ensure that the UT-PAY system is efficient and also secure to make use of, an application has already been made available so that users can quickly create their transactions without having to get close to their pcs in other to make these changes.

UT-Pay Wallet

The UT-Pay digital wallet facilitates the payment system as well as storage of the cryptocurrencies for exchange.

UT-Pay GSD System

The UT-Pay GDS is the blockchain mechanism capable of providing the global platform with the necessary distribution system for the travel domain.

Ultra Travel Pay Benefits

UT-Pay’s provision hopes to change the tourism and travel industry in the following beneficial ways:


The UT-Pay utilizes leading advanced security measures such as cryptographic encryption to enable a highly secure transaction environment.

UT-Pay Holiday Packages

UT-Pay offers holiday packages which are thoroughly planned by travel experts. We will provide the whole itinerary ensure that your tour is tagged as memorable.

Merchants' Fiat Payment

With cryptocurrencies being limited assets, UT-Pays will entail the conversion of these crypto coins into fiat to enable user purchases from merchants without any stress.

Unlimited Transactions

Using the UT-Pay wallet will enable a limitless number of operations that will include all kinds of currencies.

Job Creation

Merchants can utilize UT-Pay also to add vacancies and potentially link with interested employees in the industry.

No Commissions

The crypto-based payments or transactions within UT-Pay are not subject to any commissions since the blockchain system eliminates such gateways.


A great addition to UT-Pay's service is the inclusion of different tourism and travel services and this makes it an all-purpose application and traveling package.

Dual Currency Support

The UT-Pay app will support fiat currencies enabling travel providers and merchants the capability to receive their payments in local currency. Additionally, users can decide to get served using the different cryptocurrencies supported.

Ultra Travel Pay UTP Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Pre-Sale ICO: 31st August 2018 – 1st September 2018, Price- 1 UTP=$0.07
  • Public ICO: TBA, Price- $0.1
  • Token name- UT-PAY
  • Symbol- UTP
  • Modle- ERC-20
  • Token supply- 1,000,000,000 UTP
  • ICO Supply- 300,000,000 UTP
  • Accepts- BTC, ETH, LTC
  • Hard cap- $30,000,000
  • Soft cap- $3,000,000

Token Distribution

  • Future development- 45%
  • ICO supply– 30%
  • Bounty and bonuses- 15%
  • Team- 7%

Ultra Travel Pay Conclusion

Payment systems on the blockchain present the most obvious use cases for the travel industry. Still, UT-Pay's concept is not that unique as there are plenty of other ideas already making it possible to travel thanks to blockchain technology globally.

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