Ultroneum: Bringing The Blockchain To The Traditional Finance Sector

Ultroneum is a private limited company, which was created under the laws of Estonia in Tallinn. The company aims to create a cashless global financial services gateway that will merge traditional finance with digital coins.

The Goal Of Ultroneum

The goal is to support and enhance the cashless ecosystem for businesses, individuals, and the world at large. The developers of this project are working to develop the Ultroneum platform, which will merge fiat and crypto. Some of the features to be included are mobility via the smart devices, and access to merchants via point of sale devices. All of these devices will be able to use both crypto and fiat. It will be possible to conduct transactions with anyone anywhere in the world.

They want to offer the crypto version of all conventional and emerging financial services and products. The platform will serve as the backbone of a financial platform that is capable of supporting crypto and fiat. The XUM tokens will be positioned as the common enabler for other crypto and conventional currencies in the platform.

What Makes Ultroneum Stand Out?

The Ultroneum platform will make it possible for cross-border transactions to occur using any crypto and fiat currency. There will be a small transaction fee deducted where participants exchange crypto for fiat and vice versa. Crypto to crypto exchanges will also be possible.

Ultroneum Crypto Financial Management Benefits

Ultroneum will be part of a proposed infrastructure that will enable the speed and integrity needed by users. POS terminals and smart devices will be incorporated into this system to make it possible for the population to use it.

Merchants will be able to accept the currency they want with no hassle and without any delays. The consumers will be able to pay for services and goods with any crypto or conventional currency using their mobile devices.

The Origin Of Ultroneum And Target Market

The project started in February 2018 but its inception was in February 2017. The target market for this project is crypto holders, cross-border companies, and e-commerce sites. This project will target South East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, South American, and Africa. New crypto users will benefit from the added liquidity of crypto. The more the crypto is used for payment, the more its value will grow. This could cause the market cap of crypto to grow exponentially.

Ultroneum XUM Token ICO Details

Perimeters Of The ICO

  • Pre-sale: May 2- May 10 (25% Bonus)
  • ICO 1: May 12 – May 14 (17.5% Bonus)
  • ICO 2: May 14 – May 18 (15% Bonus)
  • ICO 3: May 20 – May 25 (12.5% Bonus)
  • ICO 4: May 27 – June 2 (10% Bonus)
  • ICO 5: June 12 – June 17 (7.5% Bonus)
  • ICO 6: June 19 – June 23 (5% Bonus)
  • Soft Cap: 1,500,000
  • Hard Cap: 63,000,000

Ultroneum Conclusion

The developers of this project have relied on teamwork to create the project. They harness the knowledge of all in the team, which helps them to come up with new ideas. Thus, they believe that the workplace should be open, which will allow people to share ideas. They are great believers in the open management concept.

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