What Is UnA Project?

Banking is still uncommon in parts of Africa leaving families to keep cash in safety deposit boxes. One of the disadvantages of this is that people miss the opportunity to earn interest on their savings. The UnA Project aims to unite countries across Africa giving people access to digital savings through scalable blockchain cryptocurrency. UnA has no central authority and aims to use the CryptoNote protocol to build a safe platform for all Africans regardless of financial status.

The CryptoNote protocol offers ring signature technology making transactions virtually untraceable. Users will be able to choose the transparency levels with each transaction. This means exchanges that need greater transparency to reduce the possibility of fraud or corruption.

UnA offers rapid transaction each taking roughly ninety seconds and the platform requires little electricity for overall function. The wallet system offered by UnA is different from other cryptocurrency platforms by offering mining from directly within the wallet simplifying the process. Mining and earning form the wallet allows for a more equal coin distribution. Wallets will be encrypted requiring a password for extra security.

The UnA platform has been developed with the needs of Africans in mind. This platform allows users of all backgrounds an easy way to participate in cryptocurrency without access to expensive technology, round the clock electricity, or equipment.

UnA Project African Blockchain Based Cryptocurrency ICO Details

The Pre-ICO period for Unacoin will run for 28 days ending on February 28, 2018. Just over 251,000 coins will be available for purchase using either Bitcoin or Ethereum for purchasing. Residents of the United States, Singapore, Australia, China, and Hong Kong are not eligible to participate in the Pre-ICO sales.

Minimum contributions are set at .001 BTC or .01 ETH. The maximum contribution level by one user is set at 1 BTC or 10 ETH.

The official UnA ICO launch is anticipated for March 1, 2018 but the date will be confirmed later. Unacoin’s wallet should be released for both Apple and Android users in May with the platform rollout planned for June of 2018.

Funds generated through the ICO will be used to further develop the mobile wallets and developing a point of sale system. A small portion of the revenue generated will cover development team expansion as well as marketing for the platform.

The UnA Project Team

The founders of Unacoin and the UnA platform are located both within Africa and around the world. Individual profiles are not available through the platform’s website.

UnA Project Conclusion

The goal of this platform to bring together Africans continent wide is an ambitious one but a goal that will help the entire continent move forward. By offering people an alternative way to save their money than a safety deposit box or in their home, the UnA platform may also help increase earnings not just safety. Since the Pre-ICO is just unveiling it is hard to tell how much engagement the UnA platform has to predict the future next steps. Interested consumers can learn a bit more online at unaproject.org.


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