What Is UnbankedX?

UnbankedX is a decentralized organization, which is unincorporated. It plans to form a non-profit company with a jurisdiction to be picked later. The goal of UnbankedX is to harness the blockchain and the growth of smart mobile devices to be used to empower over two billion globally who have no access to financial services or employment.

How UnbankedX Robo Cryptocurrency Banking Works

The aim of this project is the empowering of more than 2 billion people across the world who are underbanked or unbanked. This simply means they lack access to banking and financing services. The reason for this is that conventional banking excludes them since they are not deemed creditworthy.

The cost to assess their credit risk and gathering data does not justify the resources and investment for the financial world. The team behind this project made an effort to study markets and assess them via an expedition through Africa in 2017.

By combining smart contracts that run on the blockchain, AI bots, and smart mobile devices, they have developed the first fully robo finance platform. To ensure stability in price and keeping the costs competitive, they don't depend on just a single blockchain but many of them. They have even anticipated future blockchains that have yet to be invented.

The interface will be easy to access on legacy phones and smartphones. They have worked hard to ensure that their future users will benefit a lot from mobile web, mobile apps, voice bots, chatbots, and text bots. By getting rid of the costly IT, human, and branch costs, in finance management using the blockchain, they have achieved the lowest product to service cost ratio in the market.

This project does not just exist in theory, they already have pilot user base located in 15 nations across the world. Via their partners, they estimate that there are about 100,000 users just waiting to be on-board. However, to make this a reality, they need your help. All you have to do is spread the message about the upcoming ICO.

UnbankedX Benefits

The UnbankedX project has numerous benefits over the traditional finance. Here are some:

Their costs are lower, calls for repressed requests, and longer implementation time. Besides that, crypto is an open market. This is as opposed to traditional finance where costs are high.

UnbankedX UBX Token & ICO Details

The UBX tokens will be used to build a bridge between convergent and divergent variables on the platform. The token will act as a mechanism that connects the various participants and investors, thus creating value. Those who took part in the pre-sale benefited from a 10 percent bonus.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Public Sale: July 1, 2018 – August 30, 2018
  • Symbol: UBX
  • Hard Cap: 200,000,000 UBX
  • Price: 1 UBX = 0.001 ETH
  • Country: Singapore

Proceeds Distribution

  • Microfinancing – 65%
  • Marketing – 10%
  • Founders reserve – 10%
  • Ongoing development of platform – 10%
  • Partners and advisors – 5%

The tokens do not come with any voting rights. Token holders in the team and advisors will need to escrow 50% of their tokens for a year.

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