Unbound Tech Launches CASP – A Robust Digital Asset Custody and Security Solution

Unbound Tech, a firm that provides security services for businesses, has announced that their new product, the Unbound Crypto Asset Security Platform (CASP), is now available to the public. CASP employs a mathematically proven security mechanism achieved through Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC). This solution guarantees increased security, scalability and flexibility. It is designed for banking institutions, digital asset exchange platforms and crypto wallets.

The Unbound Crypto Asset Security Platform will facilitate the secure management of trading platforms, custody of digital assets, secure MPC-based wallets, and so on. Essentially, this solution is compatible with all digital assets, blockchains, hardware, and platforms. It works by securing the cryptographic keys and ensuring that they are never leaked throughout their lifetime, regardless of whether they are in use or at rest. Therefore, it is a surefire protection mechanism against the theft or compromising of client funds.

CASP prevents the exposure of cryptographic keys by dividing them into pieces that cannot be reconstructed. Moreover, these pieces are adaptable to the constantly changing signatures of various digital currencies. Hence, CASP is an asset-agnostic platform that works with all blockchain networks seamlessly.

Avner Mor, the CEO of Unbound, says that his company is committed to finding a solution to the security, trust and usability issues that are facing the financial services sector. He added that CASP is the preferred choice for many banks because of its reliable security features as well as its flexibility and simplicity. Mor also stated that the product is intended for Fortune 500 companies that wish to safeguard digital assets on any platform. Basically, CASP is the solution to security challenges for large corporate institutions.

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