UNCHAINET ICO (UNET Token): Blockchain Cloud Computing Network?

UNCHAINET ICO seeks to create a new paradigm for cloud computing by establishing a revolutionary global, transparent market for cloud computing hosting services. The venture concept works to allow for decentralized computing hosting power to be traded like a commodity comparable to oil. The marketplace platform will offer uniform and standardized access to the hosting resources regardless of the level of participants (read providers and users).


The UNCHAINET platform is a blockchain-based marketplace for different cloud hosting resources that aims to bring together the relevant companies, and providers with the resources to the consumers in need of them. The market is available to trade computing resources such as servers, mining rigs, and server blades among others. The idea with UNCHAINET works to offer providers with a platform granting access to a global market of consumers.

How UNCHAINET Blockchain Cloud Computing Network Works

UNCHAINET platform lists the following as the underlying technology supporting its decentralized market:


The Proof of Beneficial Work is the underlying consensus of algorithm model which is unique since it allows to incentivize providers by running a superior transaction service.

UNET Blockchain

UNCHAINET comes with an on-chain blockchain technology (UNET blockchain) to allow for better transaction speed.

QoS Chain

Unchainet also wants to ensure the quality of the transaction, and this will be made possible through the Quality of Service a chain that transparently measures the storing node reputation data within the central public ledger.

Kubernetes And Docker

The open source system for UNCHAINET will allow for the automation of the deployment process, and the scaling of decentralized applications. The Kebernetes and Docker technologies inspire both these functionalities.

How UNCHAINET Present New Opportunities

  • Autonomous decentralized system and the blockchain-based marketplace unravels UNCHAINET as an alternative to the centralized cloud hosting structure.
  • UNCHAINET will also allow for a decentralized platform for selling the hosting resources where the suppliers can earn a profit from idle computing power.
  • UNCHAINET's structure is wholly decentralized which means it is transparent enough to make it less expensive than centralized competitors.
  • There is a zero-fee charge for users looking to purchase or rent out hosting power, and this reduces the financial resources necessary to acquire them.
  • Hosting resources suppliers can also earn the UNET tokens when they sell their computing resources to the consumers


Parameters Of The ICO

  • Pre-sale (Upcoming) – Q3 2018
  • Token ticker- UNET
  • Blockchain- Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Token supply- 200,000,000 UNET
  • Price- 1 UNET- $0.141
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC, USD
  • Hard cap- $18,000,000

Token Distribution

  • Token sale- 67%
  • Team and advisors- 13%
  • Partners and provider incentives- 10%
  • Reserve and liquidity- 10%


UNCHAINET platform showcases just how blockchain could allow people to take advantage of computer hardware without even having to own it and it a secure manner. Instead of paying for the cloud hosting access one can now buy the service from closers sources and at much cheaper rates. Overall, the concept with UNCHAINET is impressive, and the technologies could have the potential to change the way computing power is being distributed and monetized.

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