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Over the past two millenniums, the many different new money currencies that foreigners brought to Africa to further their own commerce has largely been responsible for the continent’s stunted evolution. Presently, less than 4 per cent of the entire continent may be considered technology-sufficient. This is a problem that Africa’s own blockchain startup UNDAL is looking to solve with their new blockchain platform.

Decolonization of Africa, as the team at UNDAL refers the company mission, first begins with the unification of the continent into a single country. This will only be possible through constructive development and adoption of a new blockchain-infused technological culture that will give birth to Africa’s own real currency.

What UNDAL Technologies’ Platform

UNDAL Technologies exudes a lot of pride in being a transparent and very ethical company to lead Africa’s march to the blockchain future. With their newly released UNDAL Prime Tokens, or UPT, the company is on the next level of compliance in an effort to raise sufficient funds to build a truly African blockchain platform. The company already has an AI application called KEBULA developed with a combination of over 3000 African languages, with a purpose to tell Africans’ real stories and their culture.

The platform that UNDAL technologies has developed runs on Ethereum’s ERC20 blockchain platform and it uses a form of decentralized banking system to support decolonization and the bid to bring together African nations into a single country with one cryptocurrency. The company believes that although many attempts have been made in the past to take Africa back to its historical stature, all attempts have failed because of a flawed protocol. With the blockchain platform, it will not be possible to resolve all the red tapes and hurdles of the current paradigm and lift Africa to glory.

UNDAL Technologies’ platform is built to be friendly to even new comers. That explains why the company has gone the extra mile to explain the basics of crypto universe and invites even overly-ambitious investors to create their own wallets, currencies, and investment assets to benefit the WAVES platform token.

About Undal Tech ICO

  • Token Symbol: UPT
  • Token Sale Start: May 4th, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: June 1st, 2018
  • Token Price: 0.000100 ETH

Undal Conclusion

While UNDAL Technologies is one of the newest cryptocurrency platforms running on Ethereum’s ERC20 platform, it is clearly uniquely African and is rallying people together for a common long-term goal. The platform brings all the benefits of blockchain to a number of tools and services it provides on its WAVES platform including a decentralized exchange with no limits on cryptocurrency purchases or withdrawals.

The Undal Prime Tokens is primarily marketed to Africans feeling the bite of the old centralized and political systems. With the new blockchain platform by UNDAL Technologies, Africans can now take charge of their destiny.

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