UNIC Advertising Network

KeyWordPlanner on Google Adwords estimates that the cryptocurrency niche receives over 100 million searches a month. Most blockchain-based startups would wish to get this traffic to their website. This is especially so during the ICO phase when the startup needs funds to launch.

In the Q3 of 2017, the average advertising budget for ICO-based startups was $500,000. This is usually around 15-30% of the collected funds of the ICO. In the existing platform for gaining traffic, there is usually a lot of traffic from irrelevant niches. The result is that it leads to massive wastage of the advertising budget.

Because of lack of effectiveness of any single platform, companies usually have to divide their advertising budget across several platforms. This usually adds to costs, as the company has to spend time and money to set up and optimize each platform.

About UNIC Advertising Network

The UNIC advertising network has an aim to solve these issues by creating a safe ecosystem based on the blockchain. This will also specialize in cryptocurrency traffic for the startup’s site that has an ICO. The compensation methods to be utilized are pay per click, pay per sale, and pay per lead.

The functions of control, analysis, and fraud detection will allow the user to view the increased traffic to the site. Besides that, it will enable the startup to make the most of their limited budget. Additionally, since payments in crypto will be accepted, it will allow the saving of money, which is lost as funds are exchanged into fiat.

The Token Details

The tokens will be based on the ERC20 standard. These tokens will be 250 million in total. During the ICO, 180 million will be made available for sale to the public. The price of the tokens will be 3400 UNIC tokens for one ETH. The sale will start on 8 March 2018 and conclude on 17 May 2018.

There is also going to a presale, which will target to reach 500 ETH. During this presale, participants will get a 30 percent bonus on all the UNIC tokens they purchase. After the ICO concludes, all unsold tokens will be made available on exchanges. This will allow anyone interested in the tokens to purchase them without having to be part of the ICO sale. However, their value may have significantly increased by this time, which would make it a bad idea to wait until the tokens are listed on exchanges.

Of all the proceeds from the token sale, 40 percent will go to advertising to raise awareness of this product. Twenty percent of funds will be used for product development, and a further 20 percent will go towards the company’s reserves. To cover daily operations, they will use 8 percent of the funds. Business development and legal issues will each take up 6 percent of the funds.

The UNIC Advertising Network Bounty Program

This program will start after the end of the presale up until the ICO launches. This will reward those who help to spread awareness on the ICO.

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