UnicornGO CandyCoin Review

On the last day of February 2018, a new kind of online collectible game will be launched: UnicornGO. This is a new online game based on blockchain technology that uses advanced genetics to deliver full gameplay with impressive features.

The selling point of UnicornGO is its geolocation features that help in creating an augmented reality environment where the player can even grow unicorns. As a blockchain application, the UnicornGO game generates its cryptocurrency known as Candy Coin.

About the UnicornGO Blockchain Game

The crypto community is very excited about the upcoming new blockchain game UnicornGO that is reminiscent of a full-fledged social network and a platform to access virtual and augmented reality content. The developers of the game say that the initial release will come laden with great features integrated into the game including thought-controlled game interface integrated into the game.

What makes the UnicornGO a unique game is that it is built to run on the Ethereum network on the erc-20 token. The augmented reality features of the game run on the IZETEX network and the brain game control capability will be implemented in partnership with the Neuro Basis project. This will make UnicornGO the first blockchain game with the computer-brain game interface.

How to Play UnicornGO

Players of the UnicornGO game can buy, sell, and exchange unicorns as well as unicorn accessories such as houses, land, and jewelry with other users. The game is designed with a world where unicorns can live freely in their homes in particular cities, just like in the Sims game. The unicorns feed on Candy trees to recharge strength which they use to fight and mate.

Because it is a realistic genetics game, the UnicornGO online game emphasizes strongly on the behavior of the unicorn animals. The animals, which mostly bear the value of the currency in the game world, have badges that identify their generation. This will be an essential feature for crypto-collectors looking to get into the game early than everyone.

UnicornGO is a fascinating game, especially for an open-minded player. Within the game, players can take full advantage of the benefits of blockchain as applied in a virtual unicorn world to interact and progress. The developers promise that it will soon be possible to engage in virtual rallies and even initiate public prayers to create new planets in the game world.

Value of UnicornGO CandyCoin

While UnicronGO is a digital gaming application, it is also a crypto technology platform that integrates augmented and virtual realities as integral parts of the game. Players are rewarded with Candy Coins generated on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. The emission coin is limited to 12 million candy coins, which makes them highly valuable.

All the prototypes of the UnicornGO game during development and research phases are available publicly in crypto, Bitcoin, and blockchain discussion forums and file sharing sites.

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