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Unifii is a platform that states on its website that it provides “actionable investment research and information for individuals to self-manage their portfolios. We bring our members highly profitable investment ideas, regardless of what is happening globally.”

While that may seem all good and well, the company has come under recent scrutiny. Those who conduct a search of the company will find that there are reports questioning the company’s business practices. It seems that there may be a basis for the concern as well.

Unifii Causes For Concern

As mentioned, there are several causes for concern as to the platform’s business. First and most importantly, those who visit the platform’s website will find little to no information about business ownership and despite a belief that the platform has been around for some time, its website was only registered in a private domain on May 5, 2018.

The main ownership interest that is identified is Ron Montauruli, who has been listed as the CEO of the platform. Beforehand, he’s worked for companies, one of which is 3T Networks, which has come under scrutiny for its business model, securities fraud, and pyramid recruitment scheme.

Of course, it should be noted that these are just elements suggesting questionable business practices. The background of CEO, domain registration, and the lack of insight into business ownership certainly suggest issues, but it may be best to continue forward before making an ultimate determination.

The Products

For a company to be profitable, it needs to sell a product or service. In this case, Unifii sells what it calls “Prosperity U” at the cost of $279.95 as the initial investment and every month thereafter, users are required to pay $79.95 per month. Those who use Prosperity U will have access to “altcoin reports.”

Taken together, the product is meant to provide individuals with insight and information concerning cryptocurrency, it helps them understand bitcoin trading, and it even claims that it helps individuals become experts in the crypto space.

A Compensation Plan For Affiliates

Unifii also has affiliates, who receive compensation for selling Prosperity U. here re three ways to earn. First, affiliates can earn a commission. Second, they can earn by retail commissions. Finally, they can also earn by recruitment. This type of practice leads to a MLM structure that may be a cause of concern not only for buyers, but also for those who are interested in participating.

Unifii Conclusion

Overall, there are some alarming qualities concerning Unifii. Those who are interested in the platform may want to take a look at its webpage to make their own determination. The good news is that there are also many other platform options as well that users can try to use in order to expand their knowledge concerning cryptocurrencies, investments, and the like.

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