What Is UniFox?

Unifox is a new cryptocurrency company that has the goal of bridging the gap that separates the cryptocurrency world from the fiat currency today. The company has decided to use its own blockchain technology to fill this gap. It intends to make this with the creation of something called Unicash.

Unicash will be a stable coin that will be connected to all fiat and crypto currencies. The technology will also make cryptos spendable via POS terminals, so you can use them to buy things online whenever you need to.

The supply of this new tokens will be limited to ensure that is is not harmed by inflation. This new token can be used both as a security token and as a utility token because the holders are able to participate in the entire ecosystem at the same time that they can use the tokens to pay for blockchain fees.

UniFox FOX Token ICO Details

The company is currently selling its FOX tokens. The sale is currently on its private pre-sale phase, but the main sale will begin in October. The exact price for the tokens has not yet been determined. The soft cap is 20 million USD and the hard cap is 100 million USD.

A total of 60% FOX tokens will be sold at the ICO, while 25% will stay with the team and the rest will be for advisors, bounty programs, airdrops and future use of tokens.

You will be able to get FOX tokens even if you decide not to invest: you can join the Telegram community to receive airdrops, help the company and get bounties or you can promote the sale to your friends and get some tokens via referrals.

How UniFox UniCash Stablecoin, Exchange, ATM & POS Works

The main goal of this company is the creation of an ecosystem around the Unifox exchange and the Unicash tokens that can be used as currency. By using this ecosystem, the company is set to create a system in which the users will be able to manipulate cryptos as easily as if they were fiat currency.

This way, it will be able to connect the user with a network that will help in its life and allow the access for external decentralized applications as well.

Who Is Behind UniFox?

The founders of the Unifox team are a trio that knows everything about the financial market and cryptocurrencies: Dalibor Malek (CEO), Vadim Bilousov (CTO) and Jan Turek (co-founder).

Unifox’s advisory board of made of the following advisors: Robert Breadon (business), Wes Carlson (blockchain), Ruslan Sokolovsky (media), Ugor (strategy), Kenneth Otalor (marketing), Martin Kral (legal), Varun Datta (business), Saransh Sharma (business) and Alexey Zhuchenko (technic).

The company’s managing team is made of Michael Vlasak (CMO), Lukas Holas (business developer), Dominik Kadane (business developer), Petra Kmetova (head project manager), Karol Suchanek (IT security) and Vladislav Pogrebnyak (project manager).

Sergej Kravcenko is the technical support and the marketing team is made of Tomáš Šklíbal, Jan Karn, Jan Severa, Vanessa Guzman, Vandres Guzman, Martin Šilhánek and Matyáš Douša.

The three main partners of the company are Unicash, Smartex and Arbitas.

UniFox Conclusion

Unifox intends to be a solution for the people who want to buy real assets that can be used as currency in the company’s exchange. That said, Unifox is hardly any creative or not. The company is actually very standard and does not seem to offer a lot of interesting features that no other companies have.

Because of this, if you are interested in this company already, you could give it a shot, but you will hardly be surprised by the quality of what is being offered here.

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