UniGame is a blockchain-based global betting platform for gambling on sports such as football, basketball, boxing, E-sports, and others.The UniGame platform will enable gambling with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and its own proprietary UniCoin cryptocurrency; an ICO for UniCoin is soon to be introduced in order to fund the development of the UniGame platform as a whole.

About The Company

The core development team behind UniGame is only described as a group of individuals from a “well-known online game and lottery company” on the website. This description is also shared on the UniGame whitepaper, though there is some other additional information; the four principal team members only provide first names – Batter, Arvin, Tom, and Eric.

Additionally, there’s no revelation as to where UniGame is headquartered. The whitepaper claims that the company is registered in the Isle of Man, but based on the severely broken English of the website and whitepaper it’s fairly obvious we’re dealing with a group of non-native English speakers. Additionally, focus on betting and sports institutions in regions such as China and the Philippines makes us suspect the company is headquartered somewhere in the Asia-Pacific region.

Unfortunately, this is likely as much information as we’ll ever uncover. The site’s registration is anonymous, and Alexa site info statistics don’t reveal anything regarding from where the company receives the most of its visitors.

This is, of course, an early red flag when it comes to the validity and trustworthiness of UniGame as a company, much less an investment opportunity. Companies that aren’t up front and transparent with their location and ownership usually have something to hide.

About UniGame

In the future, UniGame has grand plans to become a global sports betting platform where users can use cryptocurrencies to make wagers. For now, however, the only product UniGame has on offer is its the ICO for its UniCoin cryptocurrency, which is slated to be an internal currency used for making bets and for paying transaction fees.

The UniGame ICO began on November 30, 2017 and runs until December 30, 2017. Token price is $0.005 per UniCoin. Price discounts of 15%, 10%, and 5% are available for the first, second, and third week of the ICO respectively.

The Opportunity

The opportunity behind UniCoin is highly speculative, which is appropriate for a company attempting to establish a cryptocurrency-focused online gambling platform. As the UniGame platform is designed to use multiple cryptocurrencies, UniCoin itself is just one option among many.

However, at such a low cost for its ICO, there’s plenty of room to grow as far as valuation is concerned. If UniGame becomes a popular gambling site, then UniCoin’s value will likely flourish to at least a moderate degree.

UniGame Verdict

UniGame makes us uneasy. There are perhaps too many unanswered questions about this platform, with the most important one being just who is it that’s behind this company. The whitepaper’s provision of four first names is effectively useless in identifying who’s behind the curtain, making evaluating UniGame a frustrating process.

What many nascent crypto-based companies seem to have trouble grasping is that when you’re soliciting investments from outside sources – even when it’s in the form of crowdfunding – it’s important to provide would-be investors as much relevant information about the prospective investment as possible to allay any fears.

Not providing detailed information about the leadership of your company is not going to win you much in the way of goodwill or enthusiasm. The only people willing to participate in such a scheme where there’s no clear-cut information in that regard are likely to be the desperate, the foolish, or some combination of the two.

In the end, UniGame seems too “fly by night” for our tastes. We don’t recommend investing in such an endeavor, based solely on the lack of information on the platform’s leadership and development teams. Additionally, the language barrier may also play a role, as the UniGame site and whitepaper are largely incomprehensible.

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