What Is UniTalent?

UNITALENT is a blockchain-based freelancing platform that seeks to give users access to highly skilled freelancers and allow peer-to-peer agreements between the freelancers and their clients.

The platform will help users distribute their projects transparently among the freelancers, establish smart contracts to secure the transactions and independently receive their tasks. The UNITALENT concept will use blockchain technology to offer the decentralized freelance platform which in their case is a win-win situation for the workers and the clients.

UniTalent Features

The UNITALENT platform provides for the following set of features:

Low fees for the corporate clients with charges standing at 75% less than standard rates.

Instant escrow payments in form of cryptocurrency:

  • Fiat payments through escrow
  • Zero costs for the freelancers
  • Instant client and freelancer matching
  • Peer-to-peer contracts for the tasks and projects
  • Monetization of the existing freelancing network through the cryptocurrency
  • Creation of personalized profiles
  • Interview and condition agreement options
  • Contract finalisation
  • Time and project tracking

Problems UniTalent Seeks To Solve

Ultimately UNITALENT consider their technology could help bring forth the following benefits for the freelancing platform

Security Of Transactions

The critical aspect of UNITALENT using blockchain technology lies in the ability of the innovation to facilitate a secure environment for the freelancers and clients. That means the participants details and agreements remain confidential and there is little chance of compromise or breach.

Low Cost

While freelancing might be lucrative, the overall pay is subject to several charges from the third-party sites. However, UNITALENT eliminate the extra expenses for the freelancers while also minimizing costs for the clients

No Middlemen

Third websites are notorious for their working terms and conditions and at most; they are not favorable to the freelancers. The UNITALENT decentralized platform will eliminate these platform and create a peer-to-peer freelancing market.

UniTalent TAT Token & ICO Details

The core of the UNITALENT platform is their primary currency, TALENT Token. The cryptocurrency works on the Ethereum blockchain to fuel the operations and transaction of the freelancers and clients. Additionally, the token facilitates the transferability of the smart contracts and enable a decentralized community of freelancing members. In essence, the TAT token promotes the continuity of the freelancing services from the initial request to the payments.

Token Sale Dates

  • ICO Date – 01 Oct 2018 – 31 Dec 2018 with 20% bonus
  • ICO Stage 1 Date – 1.10 – 28.10.2018 with 10% bonus
  • ICO Stage 2 Date – 5.11 – 2.12.2018 with 0% bonus
  • ICO Stage 3 Date – 10.12 – 31.12.2018

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name- Talent Token
  • Symbol- TAT
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC20
  • Token supply- 200,000,000 TAT
  • ICO supply- 100,000,000 TAT
  • Price- 1 TAT=$ 0.20

Token Distribution

  • ICO Sale- 50%
  • Bounty- 2%
  • Influencers and Endorsers- 1%
  • Advisors- 7%
  • Team- 12%
  • Partners- 3%
  • Company reserve- 25%

Fund Allocation

  • Marketing- 30%
  • Product development- 30%
  • Sales- 20%
  • Legal advisory- 2%
  • Tax and tax advisory- 8%
  • Reserve- 10%

UniTalent Conclusion

It is clear that the freelancing sector could use blockchain technology to recreate itself. This is outright what the industry needs and UNITALENT have got what it takes to change the scene. The ultimate downside is that there are plenty of ventures offering similar concept and it remains a challenge for UNITALENT to overcome the competition.

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