What is United Crypto Mining Group?

They claim they are the best in crypto mining solutions, but that has yet to be seen. There are some pieces of content you may want to read on the first page of the website. And that includes the company whitepaper, the privacy policy and the terms of service. To get more information on a consistent basis, you can also enter your email and sign up for the company newsletter as well as follow them on the different social media accounts.

How Does United Crypto Mining Group Work?

The company uses the UCMG Token to fuel their platform and claim it’s unique as well as the next big thing. But in reality, there isn’t a reason to actually believe this to be the case. They claim the reason to use their platform is that it’s the safest place to mine and keep cryptocurrency. And they also claim that using their services is far more profitable than doing it yourself at home because of the cost of hardware and electricity.

When mining at home you have to give the operation constant attention. And not only that, but the miners are loud, which makes it hard to live around them. Cloud mining is another option, but it’s not very transparent. And customers almost always are kept in the dark in regard to the equipment used like the brand, serial number, cost of energy and performance. Plus, they are never told where the operations are running.

And if you decide to do it yourself at home, it could take an army of people and the setup of an actual business to run it. Mistakes could wind up costing millions of dollars and land you in jail. And the last option is having a third party do the mining for you, but there are not many services like this. And that is why they claim their services at the group are far superior.

What is the ICO on United Crypto Mining Group (UCMG Token)?

The company has sold 8% of the tokens they are intending to sell. So far that equates to 9,890,572 out of a total of 111 million tokens. The company is currently in the pre-sale phase and went for 2 weeks, but only has about three days left. And if you buy the tokens right now you can get them for a 24% discount.

Who is behind United Crypto Mining Group?

The team is headed by Dr. Laurent Nguyen who is the CSO and has a verified LinkedIn Profile. He’s a PhD in data science and has more than ten years of experience in the field of consulting for larger companies. He’s the main leader of the team that consist of five other specialists in the field. Along with them there are a board of advisors and an escrow officer to see to it the company is run proficiently and effectively.

United Crypto Mining Group (UCMG Token) Conclusion

Basically, each of the UCMG Tokens are designed to pay the rent for 5 years on each operation, that includes the electricity as well. The company is now going through the processes of setting up partnerships and finalizing everything, so their users can get the best chances of making the most money with the platform. If you want to try out their solutions, so you don’t have to setup your own mining operation, head to UCMG.io to see how they are for yourself.

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