United Emirate Coin

Owing to the fact that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are able to serve as legitimate ‘peer-to-peer electronic cash systems’, there is now a rising demand for creating newer, decentralized payment methods that are able to process transactions securely, quickly and efficiently. Today there exist crypto platforms that are able to process thousands of payments per hour, as well as provide users with incentives to participate in such a network. Another added advantage of such crypto payment methods is the “minimal resource footprint” that they leave behind. Owing to their highly secure nature, they leave behind virtually no trace of any data that can be picked up by third party sources, and then subsequently used for fraudulent activities.

What Is The United Emirate Coin?

United Emirate Coin (UEC) is an all new “open source, peer-to-peer, lending platform” that has been developed by experts in the field of crypto. The core company members come from countries like UAE, Switzerland and Qatar, and have carefully studied the current economic scenario in the Middle east. Through the use of this platform, UEC aims to serve as a decentralized current that enables people to store and invest their wealth in form of a digital currency. Not only that, UEC also allows individuals to gradually obtain large interests on their investments, thereby earning them a steady stream of income on the side.

According to the company’s whitepaper, United Emirate Coins has the potential to serve as an alternative to “physical gold coins”. This is because these coins are intrinsically of much value, and can be traded like regular stocks using popular exchanges.

United Emirate Coin Features

Blockchain Encryption:

To ensure that there is no loss of investments through theft or third party intrusions, the United Emirate Coin network has been secured using advanced security protocols. For example, this platform will be using a POW/POS system that has been shown to help any network against malicious users or softwares.

Quick Payments:

One of the primary benefits of this currency is going to be how quickly users can send and receive payments anywhere in the world. Through the use of “QBE” technology, this platform aims to deliver unmatched speed of transfer when compared to conventional payment means.

Wallet Encryption:

This service comes preloaded with an encrypted wallet, that is designed to help fend of any viruses, malware or third party intruders. This feature allows for peace of mind, and also allows us to keep a close tab on all of our transactional activities.

Decentralized System:

Through the use of “decentralized blockchain transaction technology”, all monetary transfers are performed directly between the users.

United Emirate Coin Investment Opportunities

This trading platform works exclusively through the company’s website. According to the official United Emirate Coin webpage, they make use of an automated “trading bot and volatility software”, to help users receive daily profits on their investments. .

Some of the lending options that are currently on offer include:

Lending Amount $100 – $1000:

This investment, allows users to earn interest rates of up to 52% Per Month. The capital will be returned after a period of 299 Days

Lending Amount $1010 – $5000:

This investment, allows users to earn interest rates of up to 52%Per Month + 0.17% Daily returns. The capital will be returned after 240 Days.

Lending Amount $5010 – $10000:

This deal yields an interest of up to 52% Per Month + 0.25% daily returns.

In addition to this, there are two other deals which feature larger lending sums that vary between $5000 to $100,000.

How Does United Emirate Coin Work?

There are simple steps that one can follow to reap the benefits of this system.

  • Deposit: to start off with, users need to deposit a certain amount of BTC into their account.
  • Make UEC Purchase: once the cryptocurrency has been accepted, users should proceed to buy United Emirate Coin from the UEC Exchange.
  • Invest: after UEC has been purchased, users can then choose to participate in one of the many lending programs that have been listed above.

United Emirate Token Details

The initial coin offering (ICO) of United Emirate Coin has already commenced, and will go on till the 28th of December 2017. During this time period, the company will be making available a total of 7,000,000 United Emirate Coins for 30 days. The price of purchase during the ICO will be maintained at $0.7 per coin and end at $2.5 per coin.

After the commencement of this period, the Internal Exchange will be launched and opened for initial investors who invested during the ICO to sell their United Emirate Coin at $45.

For any other clarifications or queries, users have been advised to connect with the customer support team. They can do so by either emailing staff members, or by dropping in a message on the “contact us” page.

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