What Is United Fans?

United fans is a blockchain enabled platform that brings together all the football stakeholders across the globe. Through the use of Goal coins on the platform, the unitedfans Company seeks to offer the much-needed solutions to issues affecting soccer game fans and managers. Users on the platform will have to use Goal to take part in any sporting element that includes voting, with secure transactions by the enabled-smart contract technology.

How United Fans Blockchain Team Manager Coin Works

Over the past years, the game of soccer has risen to be among the most loved in the whole world. Recent research indicates that it has over .5 billion fans. However, many are times when all these fans are left out in critical decision-making processes, such as shifting of players, firing and hiring roles. Until now, only the managers and other highly ranked individuals in the sport take part in such decisions, meaning the outcome doesn’t adequately represent the sentiments of all football lovers. All this because of shortcoming in the acquisition of proper channels of communication that would bring everyone together.

However, this is bound to change with the introduction of Goal coin. Through this, fans can vote and contribute to various worthy causes pertaining the soccer game. The decentralized system of blockchain technology enables you to do all this without worries of human error or manipulation. Since the system operates under pre-set guidelines, there is no room for corrupt deals in any undertakings, thus bringing integrity and transparency to the much-loved game.

All clubs, no matter their current location, get to meet on the platform to integrate on common issues and make transactions through the use of the Goal coin. However, for this to be possible, users will have to own Unitedfans wallet, where they can store their coins and later on use them in all transactions on the platform.

According to the innovators of the Goal coin, is set to keep increasing in value as more individuals put it to use. Through this early user of the currency seem to benefit more as its value rises thus better returns. Additionally, the developers seek to introduce an App where all soccer stakeholders get to meet and interact on matters concerning their favorite teams. They even get to purchase game tickets on the platform which is convenient.

Additionally, team managers, get to sign performance contracts to help put the collaborative decisions to the test.

Why Shouldn’t I Join United Fans?

While there are many more reasons as to why you should join, we cannot overlook the possible fall out of this platform. As much as there are many soccer fans in the world, they are the most versatile we know. Therefore, bringing them together and coming to a common understanding isn’t easy. As such, you might consider starting off with small investments as you wait and see the turn of events

United Fans GOAL ICO Details

ICO Launch Date: June 1, 2018
ICO End Date: June 30, 2018
Accepted currency: Ethereum

United Fans Conclusion

Goal coin seeks to offer all soccer stakeholders a common ground for the transaction, through the decentralized blockchain enabled the system. By the use of this, fans can take part in complicated decision-making matters such hiring and firing of players, player bonuses as well as contribute to worthy causes in the industry. Therefore, if this appeals to you, then you might consider investing in this as a way of supporting the sport you love.

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