United Software Intelligence Technology is an Information technology company with domain expertise in the Forex trading market. They specialize in the development and implementation of automated Forex trading software. Over the past 8 years, the company has developed 100 versions of the trading software with different features, and these versions have undergone long testing. The software is being developed by their skilled IT team possessing more than 20 years of expertise.

This automated trading system has been developed with small traders as their focus. With 7 years of intensive testing and improvement, they finally launched a fully automated intelligent trading system which in practically proved to be very profitable. The software is designed in such a manner that you don’t need any prior knowledge about the Forex trading system to operate and trade in this environment.

United Software Intelligence Products

Their major product is the automated trading software which is tailor-made to work in the MT4 platform for the Forex market. It’s so easy that any layman can easily install and learn to operate in this system.

There is a onetime joining fee for registering as a trader or affiliate to the United Software Intelligence Forex trading System. There won’t be any monthly charges.

Business Opportunity United Software Intelligence Offers

With the unique marketing plan of United Software Intelligence, above average commissions from the beginning is offered without any qualification barriers. United Software Intelligence offers a completely new way of earning money by referral marketing on a unique compensation plan apart from the profits earned from trading.

Affiliates or member traders will get a direct commission when they sell an affiliate membership to a new customer. This commission is a pretty good amount. Apart from this commission, brokerage fees will be given as affiliate commission. These two earnings are supplementary earnings to the trader or affiliate apart from what he earns from the actual trading using the automated software. This makes a great opportunity for the affiliates to earn a good amount without investing anything in trading or even without trading in the Forex market. It just cost you the one time affiliation fee.

Advantages Of United Software Intelligence Products

The Forex trading market operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week with the world’s largest capital turn over. Without thorough knowledge about Forex trading, or without the help of professional tools, it’s impossible to make a good profit from the market. United Software Intelligence acts as this professional tool which works for you.

The major reason behind the fact that 80% of people lose money in Forex trading is due to the psychological factor and lack of experience. When you use intelligent software to work for you, these emotional factors are out of the picture.

The automated system is built having all these human drawbacks and limitations in mind and it provides access to almost all the currency markets in the world. A team of experts is always working to improve the parameters of the strategy and building new strategies to make profit.

Customers have the control over the deposit by opening a trading account with the affiliated brokers. United Software Intelligence automation software reduces the risk by complex algorithms and increases the probability of profit. They claim a proven track record of making as much as 150% of profit for the customers in real time trading.

Is United Software Intelligence Legit?

United Software Intelligence’s new product launch has been getting lot of attention in the web and social media. Promoters and a host of network marketers are trying to sell it through social media and other digital medias. Apart from the ripples it created in the market through this marketing strategy and sales promotion, what is the real business flow in United Software Intelligence’s product? Let’s review the pros and cons of this automated Forex trading software.

The company’s website doesn’t provide any information about the physical existence of a business entity. Business address or company history is not revealed. There is no hint about who is running this business. Some people may not take this seriously as this is often an indication of a scam. As an online company, they don’t strictly need these details to execute the business. On the other hand, if they had provided such information the credibility of the firm would have increased. The only available information is that the company’s website is registered from Portugal in a single person’s name; there is nothing more than that.

In fact, United Software Intelligence’s only product is the automated trading system. But they are implementing a network marketing model to promote it. An affiliate has no product line or products to sell or market, instead they have to sell affiliate membership itself. For each direct recruitment they are paid 120 Euros. Each affiliate membership cost is 600 euros. This is a onetime cost and there is no monthly fee for using the trading software henceforth. This affiliate membership provides access to the trading platform along with the ability to sell the membership to others. The revenue for affiliates comes from this commission as well as the brokerage fee.

United Software Intelligence claims that they were able to make long term profits up to 150% per year in Forex trading for their customers. Before deciding whether it is a scam or a big opportunity, the following points also need to be considered.

When you deal with United Software Intelligence, you are dealing with 2 things, the Trading software and the actual MLM business inside of it.

You pay 600 euro for the membership and do trading to earn money. The company is partnered with Royal Finance Traders, Australia from which it is generating the brokerage fees which you receive as commissions. This part of the trading business seems to be a pretty good deal and is similar to other platforms like 4xforyou. But there is no guarantee that you make profit though United Software Intelligence claiming that the intelligent software will make a profitable deal for you.

On the other side of the business, the MLM opportunity they are offering is like any other multi-level marketing and is centred on joining new people to the network. At one saturation point or at a point where the recruitment stops, United Software Intelligence may end up in big trouble if they don’t have an improved business model.

United Software Intelligence Final Words

At the end of the day, United Software Intelligence makes many great offers. If all of them are true, then it’s a genuinely good deal and a great system to work with. Unfortunately, they offer no means of proof on their website and are not providing any real data, which is unusual for software that works with the Forex market. While there is no solid proof that this is a scam or a pyramid scheme, there also isn’t any true evidence that it isn’t. If you want to try it for yourself, give it a go, but be cautious.

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