Subhashini Sivagnanam is a relatively unknown researcher and software architect, who works with the San Diego Super Computing Center within the Data Enabled Scientific Computing division. Recently, he earned the attention of the National Science Foundation, who awarded him $818,433 to continue on with his research to develop the Open Science Chain (OSC).

The OSC is a proposal right now, but it is supposed to help researchers to access information about different scientific experiments, as they are recorded on a distributed ledger. The NCF’s website has already made a post about this endeavor, along with every other project that they’ve take on.

NSF is an organization that promotes different research projects within the United States and is able to tap into federal resources to fund these innovative projects that can advance technology in the country. The organization has taken special interest in blockchain lately, primarily investigating projects with different use cases for blockchain technology and incentive mechanisms for cryptocurrency.

Based on public record, this particular project involves:

“a web-based cyberinfrastructure platform built using distributed ledger technologies that allows researchers to provide metadata and verification information about their scientific datasets and update this information as the datasets change and evolve over time in an auditable manner.”

Basically, once implemented, this network would record a live catalog of the work and experiments performed, which is constantly updated as more experiments take place. It would enable researchers to have more confidence in the data that they filter through.

The grant’s support starts on September 1st of this year and will be active through the next year until August 31st.

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