Since its inception within the digital domain nearly a decade back, Cloud storage has provided over 100 million users with a simple and scalable functional model that allows for data to be stored, accessed and shared remotely over the internet.

When looked at in more depth, we can see that cloud storage services allow customers to store data separately from their point of generation, as well as allowing for remote access via a plethora of different devices. From an industry perspective, cloud technology has seen an exponential growth over the past ten years, and there are now two major cloud storage avenues that users can avail of, namely Personal and Public servers.

What Is Universal Labs Ulabs Ubbey Box & Network?

Ubbey is an all new blockchain platform that has been developed by Ulabs. It makes use of a native OWP protocol that has been designed to enable peer-to-peer exchange. In addition to facilitating asset transfers between network participants, Ubbey also allows for ownership transfer of alt currency holdings along with other physical assets such as real estate, cars and luxury products.

Universal Labs Features

Some of the other core features of Ubbey include:

Development Environment:

The network is completely open-source based and can be used for constructing various DApps. These applications can make employ the OWP protocol and as a result of this will have the capacity to connect virtual data with real world assets.

Digital Data Ownership:

Many blockchain enthusiasts already know that it is quite difficult to assign ownership of data when using digital platforms and assets. However, through the use of its internal algorithmic modules, Ubbey is able to streamline the entire exchange process, making such complex transactions easy for all of the involved parties.


The platform makes use of a universal protocol that is compatible with a wide array of digital assets.


Ubbey provides users with a technology that helps them differentiate between original and counterfeit products.

Other Important Aspects Of Universal Labs


As with all high quality blockchain services, Ubbey makes use of a decentralized network that is powered by Ubbey Box and the Ownership Protocol (OWP). This allows for transactions to take place in a completely transparent manner.


Owing to its use of a P2P model, ownership exchange of digital and physical assets can be done directly from one IP to another within a matter of seconds.


Ulabs is offering customers with a cloud-computing product called the Ubbey Box. This hardware device can be used as a personal cloud storage medium for individuals as well as large scale enterprises. To be more specific, we can see that it provides users with:

  • Large amounts of storage space.
  • Option to backup or store files which can then be accessed remotely.
  • Ability to connect with company servers from devices such as media players, gaming consoles and smart TVs.


According to the website, the Ubbey network block creator makes use of nodes that are based on a specialized Proof of Storage consensus algorithm.

Universal Labs YOU ICO Details

The company token sale is currently underway, and is in its 2nd Pre ICO phase. The crowdsale event is set to go live on the 15th of March, 2018, and to participate, users can go to the website and click on the “Whitelist” tab.

In all, there will be a total of 10,000,000,000 YOU coins that will be released to the public. The distribution of tokens will be done as follows

  • 40% will be sold during the ICO
  • Another 40% will be set aside for the core foundation and team members
  • The remaining tokens will be used to facilitate mining related activities.

For any further details regarding this platform, an email can be sent to company representatives on the address provided on the homescreen.

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