What Is Universe Of Master?

The Universe of Master is a diverse platform for trading and communications for people who are looking for easier ways to carry out their work. The platform comes with in-built manuals and already finished products which will make the users work more efficient and easy. It is able to provide users with all their necessary needs on one platform and both masters and users can be involved in the marketplace directly.

Universe Of Master Benefits

  • The platform will serve as a common ground for the buyer, suppliers, and sellers from all over the world irrespective of their currency.
  • The platform will house a mini shop that can accept an array of payments modes which include altcoins and allow the users to make purchases in one click. It will offer services based on location and online sale, auctions and fairs can also be held on the platform too.
  • It will enable the users to create their own landing page and also allow them to have online accounts, online credits and also involve a third party MFOs.
  • The users will have to use only the internal currency which is the UMA tokens for payments.

Universe Of Master Investors Advantages

  • They will have access to one of the extensive database of masters and suppliers and will also be involved in the placement decision making on the site.
  • The UMA tokens will be the major currency accepted for payments on the platform.
  • The number of tokens is limited which the price is not only preserved but might increase in the near future.
  • When the platform is launched, the token will be listed on the stock exchange market.
  • On the platform, the order with which token is bought from investors at the current exchange price will be automatic. This process ensures that the system redistributes the token at the best times.
  • The share of the profits from the platform will be distributed among the users annually.

Universe Of Master Affiliate And Referral Program

Their program was designed with the aim of attracting new users to the platform as well as giving people the opportunity to earn the token as 10% of the Mount paid by their referrals will be given back to them.

How Universe Of Master Hand-Made Goods Marketplace Works

First, you have to register on www.univermasters.com/register, a personal affiliate tracking link which is linked to your account will be generated by their system. You can find the generated link in your account.

Then you have to promote the link by any means you want.

Whenever a user clicks on the link, an id connected to you will be assigned to them.

For every referral, you get 10% in UMA tokens.

Universe Of Master UMA ICO Road Map

In December 2017, the idea was born and market research was done and in January 2018, the concept was developed. By February 2018, they started the presale and the fundraising Campaign was kicked-off.

In March the alpha version of the platform development was started and the presale and fundraising were ended. In April the development will start with full force and by May 2018, they will be inviting users and token sale will start by June of 2018.

By July the alpha version will be started and will be tested for presale investors and they plan to end the sale of the token by August 2018 and list the token at the stock exchange. By September the beta version will be started and it will be opened to the public for testing.

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