UnlimitedIP UIP Review

What is UnlimitedIP UIP?

The UnlimitedIP UIP is a new creational copyrighted smart trading platform that uses the powerful blockchain technology like any other distributed ledgers. Traceability is also fundamental to the company as is security to make it tamper proof. There are also hash algorithms and timestamp asymmetric encryption protocols.

How Does UnlimitedIP UIP Work?

The system was founded by Link Entertainment technology that is based on the powerful EOC operating platform. It was developed to support millions of users to avoid low latency times and improve commercial exchanges as well as to offer brand-new features never before seen.

The company promises to be committed to giving the user global IP copyright holders who have very low-cost versions of copyright certifications. They also hold online rights protection, and one-stop entertainment with full distribution of content and different services.

The UIP Token is designed for basic services and transactions on the currency platform. Each of the UIP tokens has its IP and cannot be used in a universal manner. So, what is the token actually good for? It’s designed to be used for many different purposes. This includes when someone is using it for recreational copyright transactions.

Any sellers will need to make splits in regard to the interest and rights on their IP copyrights. It also records the interest of the smallest unit. And after the buyers pay, using the token, then the seller has to convert the IP copyright asset to the buyer and receive their money.

What is the ICO on UnlimitedIP UIP?

There is said to be a total amount of three billion tokens for distribution with 1.5 billion up for sale. Of the one and a half billion, 450 million of the tokens are exclusive to the UIP whitelist.

Users and BigONE users also have access to them. The other one and a half billion are promised to be released over the next three years or so and will be released over time gradually on the exchanges. And five hundred million of the tokens will be used for the layout of the infrastructure and environment as well as community.

The remaining billion will be locked indefinitely for developmental purposes. And the tokens will be used for the UIP copyright trades as well as construction of the ecology, team expansion and blockchain technology.

Who is Behind UnlimitedIP UIP?

The UnlimitedUIP team has three different fields. The team is made up of some of the most diverse people apparently. And they have resources that are said to be unique to the industry, specifically needed for the development of the platform. The technical field is also led by a project provider and associate Tai Yi YUN tech and the R&D team. The research and development team are the primary party for the project and is also in charge of introducing the professional aspect as well as needed technical guidance.

Along with that, there is also Chi Jiangchao, the CEO of Tain Lang Qing Ltd, Zhang Hao. Chi has been working in the entertainment industry for at least 20 years and is considered to be a master of media. He studied at Murdoch University of Australia among other places.

UnlimitedIP UIP Conclusion

The company looks to be a promising platform to help accelerate the way copyrights are given and handled. It will also allow for smaller companies and organization to be able to protect their assets from being used by larger companies. And when someone is ready to sell a copyright, this will make the process faster and easier than ever before. Of course, it will take some time to see how UnlimitedIP UIP truly develops.

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