Uphold is a platform that is active in over 184 countries and it services 30 currencies and commodities. Those who are familiar with this platform may recognize its ability to provide users with a seamless foreign exchange and cross-border remittance service all over the globe.

To provide services, the system uses a platform application model and payment connectivity technology. These qualities provide financial services to a global market. Additionally, at the core of the technology which includes e-money applications and proprietary technologies, Uphold is working hard to ensure that individuals and businesses are able to transact in a safe, transparent, affordable, and fair economy.

Those who use Uphold can hold, convert, buy, and send value over 30 digital and traditional currencies, making its impact wide-ranging. Better yet, these qualities can be performed in a user-friendly, easy, and quick manner.

In March 2018, Uphold launched its latest venture, which is the XRP and better yet, it involves zero fees and can be readily purchased on the platform. According to Uphold,

“We are thrilled to announce that starting today, Uphold members have access to buy and sell XRP right from their Uphold wallet. For a limited time and in celebration of this launch, Uphold is offering Zero fees for the first 5M XRP purchased.”

Before releasing Ripple onto its platform, Ripple conducted a Twitter poll and questioned respondents whether they’d like to see the system. Over 51% of respondents affirmed their interest in Ripple, with other platforms such as Monero, Stellar, and Cardano falling far behind. Uphold’s latest moves to incorporate XRP is a big move. It is one of the first digital platforms to provide mass access to XRP and it also promotes quick transfer from fiat currencies to XRP.

In a May 14 blog post by Uphold, the company identified that users will not be able to transfer money between currencies and in an instant manner as well. As the platform explained, “To send money overseas, or make a wire transfer from one country to another can be a ready headache . . . long turnaround times, increasingly high fees, and hurdles with foreign exchange rates are all a burden to both the sender and receiver of payments. Needless to say, that doesn’t stop the need for quick cross-border payments.”

To date, the company has focused on building a team of experts that keep their customers in mind. With the low-cost, frictionless, easy and cross-border payment system, users will be able to conduct transfers in a manner unlike those that they have conducted before. Uphold further explains this concept,

“If you’re hesitant about using crypto’s as a way to expedite your cross-border payments, traditional, government-issued currency, can of course, be send through your digital wallet. Like a regular wallet – in which you most likely keep cash in addition o various debit and credit cards – with Uphold, you can hold various forms of payments and currencies, all in one place.”

These days, cross-border payments may become much less expensive, easier, and less of a hassle as well with Uphold. The system allows its customers to enjoy the qualities that have been denied to them for so long. Further, another perk is that users will be able to bypass troubling price fluctuations in the market so that they can ensure that their transfers remain valuable and worthwhile. To learn more about Uphold’s latest moves and developments, just visit the platform’s website or social media accounts. The company is recognized for its regular posts and transparency concerning its moves.

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