In today's world, cryptocurrencies are going beyond the typical notion of only having use in payments, and there are plenty of market professionals making a profit from the innovation. Although cryptocurrency is becoming a lucrative investment return, not every cryptocurrency trader or investor has the skills to make out a profit.

If you fall into such a scenario, then crypto-based passive incomes are the ultimate solution to making any substantial returns. UpStake is a vivid example of how blockchain technology could usher in some ways for one to have a gentle trickle of passive income in cryptocurrency investing. Here's more on to keep them on the investing and passive income crypto radar.

What Is UpStake?

Similarly to dividends, the UpStake ICO is looking to create a staking plan from where the next generation of passive income and investing will be built to help users unlock their financial freedom. The UpStake business model operates on simple principles to enable an hourly increase of the platform's token price.

The UpStake token forms the basis of the investment and passive income system with the token price set to increase in market value a year in advance. Therefore, the UpStake investors will be able to experience a higher level of confidence in their process by experiencing the amount before it even becomes an official value.

UpStake Unique Token Investment Platform Features

UpStake intends to incorporate the following features for its passive income and investing service.

The UpStake Token

The UpStake ERC20 token increase in value for every hour with the initial price set to jump from the release on 1st June of 2018. The crypto also has a unique growth model through the Burning option that eliminates a percentage of tokens bought or sold through the private exchange.

UpStake Exchange

The platform's exchange offers a unique function to allow investing through the following essential elements:

Price lock guarantee- The hourly rate of increase is set automatically on the exchange, with the rate increase also disclosed to the users in detail. Overall, the UPS token value rate updates on a yearly basis in advance.

1-hour trading sessions- Trading on the uptake exchange operates on an hourly basis to enable resetting and allow equal opportunity for the customers to buy and sell their UPS tokens at the set price.

Sequencing- Each hour, the UpStake Exchange automatically resets and opens up to new trade at new prices.

Fees- Trading transactions using the UPS tokens will bear a 3% fee that is split up for use in affiliate fees, administration and burned UPS tokens.

UpStake Benefits

  • UpStake offers users the following reasons as to why you should invest in them
  • Get to work with an experienced management team
  • A world-class development team to ensure the viability of UpStake's technology solution.
  • 24/7 customer support for user queries.
  • Strict promoting and networking policies to ensure no rise of clones of UpStake.
  • Full customer transparency with real-time information provided on the portals.
  • Efficient marketing of UpStake with financial backing to ensure achievement of the set goals.

UpStake UPS Token ICO Details

Parameters of The ICO

  • Start- May 01, 2018
  • End- August 01, 2018
  • Token Ticker- UPS
  • Blockchain- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC20
  • Token supply- 25,000,000 UPS
  • Price- $0.050 USD
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Hard cap- 20,000,000 UPS
  • Soft cap- 5,000,000 UPS

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