Discover URA.MARKET, a new format for safe investment into blockchain. The platform utilizes independent smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and guarantees dividends from all transactions with an autonomous token every day, with a possibility for cashing out into ETH at any time.

URA.Market Objective

URA.MARKET operates on the premise that hundreds of digital currencies are traded on stock exchange markets every day, and dozens of new assets emerge every quarter. With that in mind, the platform believes that 9 out of 10 tokens turn out to be dummies, with all the resulting consequences.

In that situation, the money invested in cryptocurrency at ICO stage is often frozen for up to three months until the public stock trading starts. This, in the end, is not profitable, not convenient, and too risky for a private investor. URA.MARKET seeks to solve this issue by implementing completely autonomous smart contracts with a divestment function.

This implies that the token and the market will be self-regulated and organizers will have no influence over it. The system is absolutely transparent and independent.

URA.Market Key Features

  • Open code of smart contracts
  • Divestment for 100% autonomy
  • Dividends from each transaction
  • Automatic cash out into Ethereum any time

URA.Market Investor Benefits

  • Token price growth: this is included in the smart contract and adjusted automatically when purchasing tokens.
  • Autonomy: the token does not depend on the politics of its developers. Instead, it works under clear and understandable rules.
  • Audience and dividends growth: deductions from the advertising budget makes it possible to constantly expand the audience coverage—more users, higher dividends.
  • Lifetime dividends: the investor will keep receiving dividends for as long as he keeps the tokens. The dividends are easily transferrable to ETH any time.
  • Income from the partner program: this is paid from the advertising budget for each invited user.
  • Flexibility: users have no need to select and analyze ICOs where the human factor plays a major role. Importantly, no funds due to freezing for 1-3 months.

URA.Market Dividends Distribution

All token owners get an equal share of tokens, distributed among them. Therefore, the total paid amount depends on two main factors:

  • The number of tokens bought
  • The number of transactions on the platform

In other words, the more the users, the more the transactions, and the higher the token price and dividends will be.

URA.Market Security And Restrictions

The platform protects the system from the influx of big players during the initial stage to exclude the possibility of their withdrawal from the project purposely to influence the token exchange rate.

With such restrictions, the platform is able to achieve a smooth and constant emission growth within the first few months with no difficulties. This plays an important role in attracting new players.

URA.Market Partner Program

The platform urges its members to invite investors and get 2% of their first investment.

When a member invites new investors to join the project, the smart contract awards the member 2% of the first token purchase value. The member gets the commission fee in ETH.

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