An Honest Review Of URAllowance

The URAllowance is a company that was established to help in making proper family smart contracts. The platform has been able to bring families closer, while still teaching about the blockchain technology and the benefits of financial responsibilities for the generations to come. Read on as we explore more on what this company is truly about.

About URAllowance

The platform has been designed as a two-sided, crypto-based platform that has been fully powered by the URAllowance token, which is referred to as the URA. The platform has been made two-sided so that one side is for the parents while the other side for the children.

The company believes by having the whole family involved they are able to bring back the old school responsibilities, and also have the ability to instill some of the old school pride that we have all grown up with, for what one has been able to earn. The schools have also not been left behind in this platform.

Having the schools involved in the Fundraising Events, PTA and even Event Chain the students are able to receive rewards in cryptocurrency. The rewards are given to the student that has participated or created a very successful event, to ensure they are kept motivated. The student is also awarded, that is earning while they are still learning.

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The reward is pegged on their academic achievements and the completion of their millstone goals. Also excelling in their extracurricular activities or by simply tutoring their peers, the URAllowance has endless possibilities that it is able to offer.

But the platform is not just about all work and no play, they have ensured they have partnered with Lix Gaming Platform and the EventChain Smart Ticketing, but the details of this partnership will be announced soon.

It has been found that about $41 billion is usually paid out a year as allowances in just America. Clearly, this is an untapped market that could greatly benefit from the advanced blockchain technology. So if we combine the rest of the world to this platform, there is a lot to benefit from such as a family as a whole.

What You Should Look Out For

The platform has great dreams on where it would take this family investment opportunity. During the post-ICO phase, there will be a development of the URWorld. It will be featuring several monetization options that as an investor you will be able to explore and get into.

These investment options will be made available to the premium members offering all the features you can enjoy on the URAllowance platform, all this will be on the 3-D virtual and customizable environment.

But this is not all as the platform will be offering some mixed reality education applications, expect to see this in the fourth quarter of 2018. The company is ready to be there to actualize this dream of bringing the education system to the future.

Our Take On The URAllowance Platform

The entrepreneurial or investing mind should be developed at a tender age, and as parents, this is a platform that we should consider to explore. The idea of family contracts is a good idea as children can be motivated to work harder in their daily activities and the allowances given are put to good use.

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