Users Notified to Update Parity Ethereum Clients Due to Unforeseen Consensus Problem

It has been just announced that anyone using the parity node based off of the Ethereum Network must immediately update their current software.

Based on the claims made, the serious threat has affected two of the Parity Ethereum client versions, namely, the 1.10.5-stable and 1.11.2-beta. While the problem at hand has been resolved since releasing the notice, users will now have to run the updated versions, which are the 1.10.6-stable and the 1.11.3-beta respectively.

Parity, considered the most secure method of communicating with the Ethereum blockchain, was introduced as a versatile developer of software options, including Stable, Beta and Nightly. Stable is supposedly the most mature and tested software out of the three, making Beta, prone to accidents that might need more work and Nightly, the youngest and most problematic for managing anything that carries significant value.

Although the Ethereum client seems to deliver services that are suitable for users, developers and businesses, this recent security alert portrays the contrary. The announcement has been made through the Parity webpage, along with Twitter and Reddit.

As for users who will be affected by this problem, mixed emotions have been surfing the internet – mostly confusion, sarcasm and hope.

Please upgrade your Parity clients to 1.11.3 or 1.10.6 as soon as possible. from ethereum

A Reddit user, econoar, was quick to comment on the news, clarifying the issue at hand by stating:

A tweet by Twitter user, Riaan F Venter @RFVenter, suggests that such problems are a norm for Parity. Here is the comment made:

Others are taking the news lightly, as Parity’s ability to provide three different software makes it easier for users to make switches, as such problems occur unexpectedly in most cases.

To follow up on the updated versions, go to:

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