The US presidential candidate and former Vice Chair of the national Libertarian Party said that he would pardon both Edward Snowden and Ross Ulbricht. He says that he would do so because they have never harmed anyone nor stolen anything.

Pardoning Ulbricht and Snowden

The candidate that we are talking about is Arvin Vohra. He is a well-known and more radical libertarian, something that it is shown in the proposals he has for the first day in office in case is elected. He wrote on Twitter that he would pardon individuals like Snowden and Ulbricht.

Snowden first appeared in the news when he revealed in 2013 important spying information on domestic and foreign citizens by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the NSA and some EU partners. Because of this, he appeared in the 2015 Academy Award-winning Best Documentary Feature titled Citizenfour.

At the same time, Ross Ulbricht has been arrested and convicted of operating the Silk Road site. This website allowed customers and sellers to exchange illicit substances, objects and services. Most of the illegal things transacted on it are deemed illegal by most governments around the world.

At the same time, Mr. Vohra is enthusiastic for post conviction justice that includes ‘all nonviolent drug users, all nonviolent drug traffickers, all nonviolent drug kingpins,” and more. Cryptocurrency criminals and gun possession prisoners are also included in the list made by Vohra, if they didn’t hurt anybody.

He explained to a local news source that his goal is to end the welfare state and abolish income tax.

“I’m going to be using my campaign to spread that message on the policy level, but also to help people realize there are so many ways to reduce government without changing policy, including option out of government schools, including using cryptocurrency, including using the power of jury nullification.”

Another important libertarian candidate that is working for cryptocurrencies is John McAfee, an important figure in the ecosystem.

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