US President’s Former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Talks Bitcoin & Crypto Disruption

US President’s Former Chief Strategist May Move Into Crypto Industry

According to an interview with former Chief Strategist to President Trump, Steve Bannon wants to start embarking on a new venture with the crypto community. The Bloomberg article revealed that Bannon has already had meetings with various investors and hedge funds about the concept of ICOs, specifically in reference to the functions of his company Bannon & Company.

Unfortunately, Steve Bannon refused to comment on one area of interest to consumers – the fears that his current reputation in politics could negatively influence this experience. He has already noted his “good stake” in bitcoin. However, he was quick to reiterate that he believes that the way that cryptocurrency takes power from existing financial institutions is “disruptive populism.”

His interest has been expressed in multiple publications since at least 2016, and Bannon’s current interest in the industry has been further expressed since leaving the White House. While on a tour in 2017, he even said that the use of both cryptocurrency blockchain technology in the financial world will usher in “true freedom.”

In the article that contains the interview, Bannon has shown interest in helping other investors and startups to develop their own cryptocurrencies. In fact, he has suggested developing his own token called the “deplorables coin,” poking fun at a frequently used phrase by Hilary Clinton in reference to Bannon supporters.

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