US Supreme Court Denies Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht Life Sentence Review

The Supreme Court of the United States has recently decided to deny the review of a life sentence that Ross Ulbricht, famously known as the “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Ulbricht ran an illegal darknet marketplace known as the Silk Road and he was arrested in 2013 and judged in 2015, being convicted to a life sentence for his crimes.

He is accused of involvement in an illegal marketplace (Silk Road), helping in the distribution of drugs, computer hacking, money laundering, fraud and other minor charges.

The Twitter account @free_ross has tweeted the news and called the court’s decision to be “devastating” for them. The profile considered this decision to be an attack on the internet privacy.

Get to Know More About Ross Ulbricht And The Silk Road Case

Ross Ulbricht was the owner of an illegal marketplace known as the Silk Road (a name that was an allusion to the original Silk Road, a merchant road among Asia and Russia). The site dealt mainly with illegal substances like drugs.

The site was created in 2010. Since his graduation in 2009, Ulbricht was planning to create a site using Tor and Bitcoin to sell illegal goods. His nickname on the site was Dread Pirate Roberts, which came from the novel The Princess Bride.

The owner of the site became rich by using Bitcoin as a currency and charging a fee for every transaction that was made on the site. His net worth is estimated to be of several million dollars. After the short success of the site, Ulbricht was arrested and the domain was seized.

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