Useless Eth Token Lite

Let’s be real here; every crypto enthusiast is tired of all the ICOs that are coming up day in, day out. They get publicized for a couple of weeks, and then when they get launched, they clog up the ether network for several days. In some cases, Coinbase will go down for a while, and then people who had invested will watch hopeless as the new tokens depreciate in value.

Useless Eth Token Lite Roadmap

Beginning Of November 2017

End Of November 2017

  • Build the Useless Website
  • Open social media accounts for Useless
  • Start some forum announcements for Useless to raise awareness

Beginning Of December 2017

  • Open useless Airdrop sign up
  • Kickstart social media engagements for Useless
  • Get things moving on Useless exchanges

End Of December 2017

  • Forward UETL to the people who had signed up
  • Try to get UETL on several Useless Exchanges
  • Offer more Useless Bonus chances to acquire UETL

What Is In The Future For UETL?

This is a project by the people for the people. Everything in this world is valueless unless people start appreciating its existence. That’s when it becomes valuable. If more people welcome the UETL idea, there will be more airdrops and the token owners with establish creative ways to use UETL.

Do You Have A Suggestion To Make UETL Even More Fun?

If you have a suggestion to make UETL a long-term project and are willing to share your thoughts, the site owners are open to such opinions. In reward, you will get extra UETL tokens.

Is This A Prank? Is It A Scam?

This is not a prank, neither is it a scam. Its 100% legit as they come with ERC20 Token.

Just So You Know…

This a token that is completely useless, with no use, and no official roadmap. So, when you invest your money, just know that.

It is a community driven token, that will depend on you. If it is taken up, then it becomes worth. The more exchanges and people welcome the idea, the more value it gains.

Can One Get A Refund From Useless Eth Token Lite?

Well, the site owners clearly state that one should never play with more than they can lose.

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